Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pics of BW Starter Evos?! Maybe...

Serebii posted some new pictures that are possibly the evolutions to the Black and White starters. So far this is unconfirmed, but there were also some videos from elsewhere that they posted which are legit. As for the starters, Serebii says that the same source leaked info on the new Professor, Team Plasma, Triple Battles, etc so it's possible these are real! I think fully evolved Grass starter is ok, the fire one is pretty cool, and the water one is ok-ish... I prefer it'd look more like an otter. Anyway, it seems I am still on the fence on whether to start with the Grass or Fire starter if these turn out to be real. The main problem I have with the Fire starter, however, is I'm worried it will be Fire/Fighting based on it's stage 1's stance (flexing it's muscles). To see the news story yourself click here.

Pokébeach also has some videos, but not the starter evos yet. To see thier story click here.

On a different note, it appears I have the only promo misprint Mewtwo card in existence. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page under Other Promotional Cards.

Don't forget to say how much you love/hate the new starter evos in the comments!

*UPDATE 8:30pm EST* Serebii has pulled down the images of the starters so maybe they were confirmed fake. I checked the Fake Pokémon section on Serebii and they aren't shown there so I have no idea. Maybe the images were pulled for some other reason? Wierd.

*UPDATE 8:53am EST 9/4/2010* Serebii has reposted the image of the starters and Pokbeach has also posted them saying that there is a strong chance these are real!

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