Saturday, July 31, 2010

More New PKMN, and POP News

Nintendo has released 3 new pokémon from Black and White: and evolution of Minezumi (the chipmunk looking pokémon), a fawn that is potentially a baby version of Stantler, and a Swan. The full story can be read here on PokéBeach. Included with the article are the original video footage that was aired on the Japanese TV show Oha Suta which show a good deal of the game play, such as the possible addition of areas changing depending on the season.

In Pokémon Organized Play news, the Battle Frontier season is almost over with this season being the last. This season is based around Hall Matron Argenta and is set to last most of August. The Argenta season prizes include special POP holographic versions of Butterfree SP (which is actually owned by Argenta) and Warp Point with each participant able to earn up to four copies of each. Two for maxing out points playing the Card Game, two for maxing out points playing the Video Game.

Members of the Team Knockout League of Johnson City, however, can choose to receive specially bred pokémon instead of cards when they max out points for the Video Game as we recognize that some people who play the video game only play the video game, so pokémon with really strong egg moves could be more useful.

Since the Battle Frontier season is coming to a close, Nintendo will be starting the new 2010 -2011 season in September and it will be based on the events from the Pokéathlon from HeartGold and SoulSilver. The first event season will be the Ring Drop.

In Game Download News, today marks the first day that HeartGold and SoulSilver players in the US, Europe, and Austrailia can download the Enigma Stone via Nintendo Wifi. Simply connect to any availible wifi hotspot to download. The Enigma Stone holds a special secret if you take it to the Museum in Pewter City.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A lot of good things, some bad

On June 26th, I married my fiancé Lauren! It was a beautiful ceremony and the main reason why I haven't really posted on any of the new Black and White news that has broken as of late on and PokéBeach. I figure all you guys who really wanted to know that information probably already know it, but if you want to know my opinion on some of the recent developments here they are, if you want to see the pokémon I'm referring to... check this story on Pokébeach by clicking here:

  • Gochiruzeru (The Goth Girl) - is ok, I don't really care to raise one, but Lauren likes it alot. She's glad that it's exclusive to Black since she's getting that one.
  • Rankurusu (The one that looks like a bear covered in jello)- This thing is supposed to be a cell, which is kind of cool... but I dunno. I don't like it's arms and the odd shape of it's mouth. Unless it somehow wows me later, this is a Dex only catch for me.
  • "Wargle" (The war eagle :p)- I REALLY like this guy. I like how he looks. I like that it gets the Encourage ability so it won't take the secondary effects of attacks. I like it's new attack Free Fall because being able to pick up and drop the opponent pokémon sounds fun. Definately gonna need one of these.
  • Kibago (The Larvitar look-alike)- Shows promise, I like that it's a Dragon with tusks. I'm interested in seeing the evolutions.
  • Koromori (The fuzzy cyclops bat)- I want to like this guy, and I may be working too hard to make myself like it just because I'm excited we have a bat that isn't Zubat. Don't get me wrong, I really like the Zubat line.. but I've wanted something fresh. This guy doesn't look much like a bat. Oh well, I kinda like him and I hope it gets better as it evolves.
  • Minezumi (The chipmunk)- Meh, looks ok. Like a step up from Bidoof. Seems to take a little something from Rattata, Sentret, and Bidoof.
  • Musharna (The pink tapir)- I'm gonna have it just because I currently study fossil tapirs so if it is even slightly battle worthy I have to have one out of prinicple not to mention I need it for a new mode in Black and White anyway.
Well, that's the good. Another reason I've been slow to update is I seem to have an infection in my abdomen. I've been sick since my honeymoon in Orlando, which I just returned from this past Sunday. Today is the first day I've been well all day long. I am currently taking antibiotics and I plan on being more timely once I'm 100%.