Monday, April 19, 2010

Pokemon Video Game Championships 2010

Nintendo has finally opened up the site for the VGCs this summer. The locations are a little lame, but the rules are better this year when it comes to admissions. Now they are allowing more people to enter and they have removed the horrible lottery based entry system they used last year.

The very first VGC is going to be held in Seattle on May 5th and then the rest will be held in various cities skirting along the US border with Nationals being held in Indianapolis on June 26th. Unfortunately, this means Team KO will not be attending Nationals at all as Lauren and I are getting married that day. As for Regionals, at best we will be attending the Atlanta tournament on June 5th.

As for the special pokémon being given away this year... it will be a Shiny Eevee! If you live near an event, I would suggest going and competing regardless of your skill level. After all, just competing gets you the Shiny Eevee.

If you are attending one of the VGCs send me a message! I would love to get in contact with anyone attending ANY of the other VGCs who would like to do a write up for this blog.

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