Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The New Pokémon from Black and White? Probably not..

*THIS IS CONFIRMED FAKE! Real sprites in this more recent article.*

So my friend Cody (aka Giromon on the message boards) sent me this picture a friend of his sent to him. This is supposedly the list of new pokémon to appear in Pokémon Black and White and thier sprites. For years people have been making fake sprites for fun, but they always end up popping up more during times immediately after the announcement of a new game.

Although the prospect of any news of new pokémon that has sprites to go along with it are really nice, most of the time they can be determined to be fan made by just looking at the diveristy of the pokémon listed. Unfortunately for this list it is more than likely fake.. but it does show possible directions Game Freak could take when it comes to evolving older pokémon like Jynx or Dunsparce (of which I am particularly a fan of the artist who came up with the Dunsparce evo in this instance).

Anyway, some of the ways I've determined this to be a probably fake:

  1. The grass starter starts off as a dual type with dragon. Although this is cool, dragons are meant to be really rare so a starter dragon doesn't seem reasonable.
  2. There are five regis in this game, more than likely if there are regis in this game at all there would only be three. Also I don't think they are as well designed as the first 3 or even as good as Regigigas. For example Regiearth, the grass one, just looks like a green registeel.
  3. The Steel/Water Shark pokémon and the baby form of Corsola are in the list twice. I doubt Nintendo would make a mistake like that without catching it.
  4. Alot of the names are already Americanized, for example Skarush as an evolution for Skarmory. This doesn't really fit as Skarmory is Eamudo in Japan so it's evo should have a similar name to the Japanese name.. it's too early for Americanized names.
  5. There are WAY to many Mudkip-esque pokémon... suggesting several are just sprite revamps of Mudkip and it's evolutions.
Despite this there are a few that I wouldn't mind being real. I think the Dunsparce evolution is particularly cool looking. I'm also a fan of Defyant. That pun is so bad, it's good.
There are other things, but I want to hear from you guys. What are your opinions, real? Fake? Are there certain ones you wish were real? Etc!

On a more real note, Pokebeach got a hold of some actual video footage of Black and White from Pokémon Sunday. It doesn't really show anything new in respect to the pokémon in the game.. but it does show how the cities are going to look. Click here for the Story.
Finally, in response to our last poll question "Do you use your PokéWalker?".. 9 out of 10 people said that they do in fact use thier PokéWalkers!

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