Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pokémon AMVs

I dunno if you guys have ever searched YouTube for pokémon AMVs (Anime Music Videos) but if you haven't you might want to consider it. I'm going to post one on here from time to time that I really like, and occasionally I'll pit two videos against each other and have you vote on your favorites in the Poll on the right... this week is Mewtwo vs Sableye. Watch the two below and feel free to comment as well.

Mewtwo - I Stand Alone (Godsmack)

Sableye - Scared (Three Days Grace)

Also, Team Knockout has a YouTube Channel. All of the current uploaded videos we've made are in the right hand column. Granted, I haven't uploaded alot, but I plan on uploading more soon now that Lauren has a good camera.

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