Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Use of Action Replay.. is it ok in the tournament scene?

I've read quite a bit about the use of Action Replay online, and the two stances on whether it's use is acceptable or not...

I think it is definately not when it comes to editing pokémon. Multiplying items I can let slide to an extent. I'd never do it, but if someone else did I wouldn't be against trading for some TMs. When it comes to editing a pokémon stats, I draw the line.

Ok, so that's my opinion... but here's why I feel that way. It's basically the same as going to the store and buying a game for $35 and then paying the clerk an additional $25 to beat the game for you. What's the point of even doing that anyway? Why even play?

Here's another reason. I work hard to raise my pokémon from lv. 1 to lv. 100. I breed good moves into my pokémon, look for good natures/characteristics, etc. After all of this, I get into a match with a spoiled little 10 year old who can simply press the select button or something and all of a sudden his Pikachu has 999 in every stat, or a Spiritomb with Wonder Guard that suddenly can't be hit by any attacks outside of status.

I also go through the trouble of chaining shiny pokémon, and I get kind of annoyed that someone with an AR can simply put in a code and all of thier pokémon are shiny. Do you know how hard it is to get a shiny that has a good nature and whatnot through chaining?! I have to make sure before I even go to chain something that I have a Synchronize pokémon at the front of my team with the nature I want, and even then it's not a sure thing.

I just feel that AR cheapens the game. Nintendo blocks them at VGC tournies and will disqualify anyone who's pokémon are determined to have been "hacked". Most people say, I need it to get event pokémon that's why I do it!! Your wrong on two accounts... 1) If you hack and event, it's not an event... it's a hack. You cheated, end of story. 2) You need an event? TRADE! Trading is supposed to be a huge part of the game. Go online, make connections... make friends. It's the point! I made a friend in Germany who gets me spare German events for spare American events. It's easy to get spares. All you have to do is rent a spare copy of a game from Blockbuster! I do it all the time. Get the event in the Blockbuster game, trade it to your main game, reset the Blockbuster game and do it again. It only costs $5 a pop and I get to strip the game of all of it's items and good pokémon that I can use in trades.

Any way, end of the rant... How do you feel about people who hack thier games? Vote now in the new poll or leave your comments!