Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Pokémon Silhouette

The internet is buzzing with news of the lastest pokémon to be announced by Nintendo on Pokémon Sunday in Japan. It is said that this new pokémon, seen to the right, will be featured in the upcoming pokémon movie in Japan and is currently being referred to as "Z" from the title, Master of Illusion: Z.

Already fans are making guesses as to what this new pokémon may be. Many believe it's a stand alone legendary while others think it may be the evolved form of a pokémon we already know about. Some have suggested it may be an evolved form of Ninetales, Mightyena, Lucario, Weavile, or even the fully evolved form of a new starter. As a member of Pokebeach, I have even cast in my opinion. I think it looks a great deal like Mightyena and if I was to guess it's either a final evolution to Mightyena or a brand new pokémon with no ties to any of the older ones.

While it is possible that it's the main focus in the movie (actually being the Pokémon Z) it is also possible it simply plays a supporting role similar to Munchlax or Weavile in previous movies, and is in fact not pokémon Z. Pokebeach site founder, Water Pokémon Master, even states in today's update that "we assumed that the new Pokemon silhouette was 'Z' when it could in fact be a completely different Pokemon. Because Pokemon Sunday said they were going to reveal 'Z's' identity on their February 21st show and then later stated they would be revealing the new Pokemon's silhouette at that time as well, we figured both Pokemon were the same. However, it is possible that the two revelations are for two different Pokemon - 'Z' and the new Pokemon silhouette."

I suppose that we have to just wait and find out to see what Nintendo gives us on Feburary 21st!