Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Gone with the Windworks" and "A Rivalry to Gible On"

So, yesterday I watched "Gone with the Windworks" and today I watched "A Rivalry to Gible On." Here are my impressions...

"Gone with the Windworks" was generally a more humorous episode with more emphasis on the relationships between the main characters as well as Dawn's new Cyndaquil. It would seem that Dawn's Piplup and Cyndaquil don't exactly get along. In fact, it seems they can't stand each other. After a battle, Marill runs off and gets lost in the Valley Windworks with Ash and Co. follow to go find it. They end up getting lock in a storage room and we learn a little more about Cory. Apparently he's not only a novice breeder her's also a bit of a worry wart. After getting locked in the storage room by accident he starts freaking out saying that they have to live the rest of thier lives in the storage room. After some brain storming between Ash and Brock, and a little help from Pikachu, the group figures out a possible way of escape by having Pikachu slip through an air duct to go get help.

While Ash and Brock are trying to find a way out, Lyra and Dawn get into a pretty interesting conversation. Lyra says that if they are going to be trapped in the room for the rest of thier lives then they'll probably get married in thier too. Dawn is a little confused by this, and she gets really flustered when Lyra asks who Dawn would choose: Ash, Brock, or Cory? She also remarks that Ash is a real catch because he's brave and gets things done where as Cory is always nervous and scared. Poor Brock isn't even in the picture anymore I guess.. not that he cares. He only has squinty eyes for older girls. He's never showed any interest in the girls that are in the main group and doubt he ever would.

Ultimately they get out, find Marill, have a brief run in with Team Rocket, and get on thier way. As episodes go, this one was ok. The high point was when everyone was locked in the storage room. The conversations were classic.

Plot: 3. They get lost. That's not really new. This episode gets a 3 solely due to the fact the storage room part was really funny.

New Characters: 1. The only new character is a very sleepy old man, the only new pokémon was Cyndaquil, which is the reason this score isn't lower.

TR Antics: 1. They didn't do much.

"A Rivalry to Gible On" was actually a pretty good episode for a couple reasons. For one, Brock hits on Nurse Joy in the most creepy was possible... by reciting her family tree and basically admitting to the fact he's hit on every Nurse Joy he's ever met. I keep expecting one of the Joys or Jennys to punch him the face and scream stalker, but that is yet to happen sadly.
Shortly after Brock getting Poison Jabbed in the butt by Croagunk, several young trainers come in with thier small pokémon after attempting to catch a really strong Gible that lives near by. All of the pokémon had been knocked out so they came to Joy for help. She scolds them for attempting to fight the Gible, and she tells Ash and Co. where to find it. Brock stays behind to help Joy (I bet).

Once Ash, Dawn, Lyra, and Cory find the Gible it turns into a competition between Ash and Cory to catch it. Lyra pairs Dawn and Cory together (in an attempt to set them up on a date) and she goes with Ash (probably for the same reason). Ash's method to attempt to catch Gible is to simply chase it around whereas Cory takes a slightly more intellegent route by trying to get Gible to come to him by putting a piece of pokémon food and using a fishing rod. After several trys all ending up with catching Piplup instead, Ash got a new idea. To basic hit the ground with sticks until Gible got annoyed and attacked. This worked, but Gible promptly goes after Lyra.

After several failed tries, the group decided to try to track down Gible in a nearby cave. Shortly after entering the group gets seperated with Ash losing Lyra, but finding Dawn. Lyra begins to get really scared and Cory finds her and rescues her. After this incident she begins to wonder if maybe he's not as big of a wimp she thought he was. He proves this by promptly getting in a battle with Gible and catching it.


Plot: 3.5. The story showed the Brave side of Cory and the Fearful side of Lyra showing that they aren't one dimensional.

New Characters: 3 Gible. Does. Not. Take. Your. Crap. I think the picture shows what I mean. The fight between Gible and Cory's Totodile was pretty epic.

TR Antics: 2 TR didn't do much this episode, which it's kinda of nice when they aren't reciting their motto in every episode. They popped in, say they want to get Gible for the Boss, Meowth fantisizes, and then they try to catch it fair and square... but it goes wrong. (See Below)

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