Friday, February 12, 2010

An Egg Scamble

I want to start writing a little bit about the pokémon series, mainly episodes that I thought were particularly good and rate them in a couple areas (Plot, New Characters, and TR Antics). I watched the Togepi episode that aired the week before last and it was good so that's kind of where I got the idea. Unfortunately, I have a hard time dragging myself out of bed early on Saturday mornings so I usually watch the episodes once they get posted to Cartoon Network Video. Anyway, I just watched the episode, "An Egg Scramble."

"An Egg Scramble" was a pretty good episode for several reasons. The biggest reason is pretty obvious, it basically reintroduced the Johto region. Many of the pokémon featured in the episode are from the Johto region such as the starters; Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. It also introduced the female lead from HeartGold/SoulSilver, Lyra.

When I listen to Lyra talk I can't help but think she sounds a heck of a lot like Julie from the Base Set 2 "Play it" disc. This disc basically just showed newcomers to the TCG how to play. The character in the game is very similar to Lyra, with the main difference being she has blonde hair instead of brown plus she doesn't wear a hat. You can decide if I'm imagining it or not by watching the episode and then watch this video from the intro of Pokémon Play it. It's REALLY uncanny. As a character I think Lyra is ok compared the other girls they've introduced in the series because she seems like she is going to have a good bit of personality and she isn't quite as unskilled as Dawn and May were when they were introduced. I think the main thing I like is she's a girl but doesn't specialize in Contests. I get tired of contests. The one wierd thing is I think she may be slightly deaf. Dawn told Lyra what her name was... but Lyra seems to want to call her "Dane" instead of Dawn which is kind of wierd. Dawn tried to correct here once, but even though it continued to happened throughout the episode Dawn let it slide. At one point Dawn and Lyra have a "Battle of the Century." I don't think it was really worth that title.

Another new character, Cory, was also introduced in this episode.. but he seems to be another one of those characters that sees himself in four or five episodes max, whereas I could see Lyra joining up with the main cast in Johto. Who knows, he could turn into the next Max and last the entire Johto season... or we never see him again. In any case he seems to want to be Brock Jr. Lyra even says that he is a pokémon breeder, but "that's stretching it." She even makes fun of him when he whips out a Dex in the middle of a battle rather than just fighting. I've always thought that was wierd in the show because what if your opponent attacks your pokémon while the Dex is talking? He's obviously not that skilled yet as a breeder because he couldn't figure out why his Totodile wouldn't eat but Brock figured it out in 5 seconds. I wonder how long he's had that Totodile and if it's never eaten under his care... that's abuse right?

I don't want to ruin plots or anything just in case some of my readers haven't seen the episode, but I do want to point out that Team Rocket busts on the scene and steals a lot of food. Where is my pickle and watermelon sandwich?I don't really understand the issue really because earlier in the episode Lyra explains that all of the food is free. Anyway, Team Rocket steals food and Jessie pigs out which left me with several great screen captures of a VERY fat Jessie. Of eveything in the episode, I have to say this is probably the best because it gives the internet something good to laugh about. So here is my challenge to you my faithful readers. From now on whenever I find a funny screen capture from a pokémon episode I'm going to post it on the message board as a "Write the Scene" and will ask for my readers to reply to the post with what the characters are saying/thinking in that scene. I hope you guys will enjoy that. In fact, I'll post one right now.

And now to rate... I rate the episodes on Plot (if it was a good story or not), New Characters (if the new characters/pokémon are cool or lame), and TR Antics (Team Rocket was entertaining or not.)

Plot: 3/5
-It introduces a lot of Johto aspects, but that's about it.
New Characters: 4/5
-I like Lyra as a character, Cory is ok.
TR Antics: 4/5
-While not funny the whole episode they did have high points. I don't like how they rhyme all the time... oh wait... I rhymed. I apologize. :P