Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Use of Action Replay.. is it ok in the tournament scene?

I've read quite a bit about the use of Action Replay online, and the two stances on whether it's use is acceptable or not...

I think it is definately not when it comes to editing pokémon. Multiplying items I can let slide to an extent. I'd never do it, but if someone else did I wouldn't be against trading for some TMs. When it comes to editing a pokémon stats, I draw the line.

Ok, so that's my opinion... but here's why I feel that way. It's basically the same as going to the store and buying a game for $35 and then paying the clerk an additional $25 to beat the game for you. What's the point of even doing that anyway? Why even play?

Here's another reason. I work hard to raise my pokémon from lv. 1 to lv. 100. I breed good moves into my pokémon, look for good natures/characteristics, etc. After all of this, I get into a match with a spoiled little 10 year old who can simply press the select button or something and all of a sudden his Pikachu has 999 in every stat, or a Spiritomb with Wonder Guard that suddenly can't be hit by any attacks outside of status.

I also go through the trouble of chaining shiny pokémon, and I get kind of annoyed that someone with an AR can simply put in a code and all of thier pokémon are shiny. Do you know how hard it is to get a shiny that has a good nature and whatnot through chaining?! I have to make sure before I even go to chain something that I have a Synchronize pokémon at the front of my team with the nature I want, and even then it's not a sure thing.

I just feel that AR cheapens the game. Nintendo blocks them at VGC tournies and will disqualify anyone who's pokémon are determined to have been "hacked". Most people say, I need it to get event pokémon that's why I do it!! Your wrong on two accounts... 1) If you hack and event, it's not an event... it's a hack. You cheated, end of story. 2) You need an event? TRADE! Trading is supposed to be a huge part of the game. Go online, make connections... make friends. It's the point! I made a friend in Germany who gets me spare German events for spare American events. It's easy to get spares. All you have to do is rent a spare copy of a game from Blockbuster! I do it all the time. Get the event in the Blockbuster game, trade it to your main game, reset the Blockbuster game and do it again. It only costs $5 a pop and I get to strip the game of all of it's items and good pokémon that I can use in trades.

Any way, end of the rant... How do you feel about people who hack thier games? Vote now in the new poll or leave your comments!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Gone with the Windworks" and "A Rivalry to Gible On"

So, yesterday I watched "Gone with the Windworks" and today I watched "A Rivalry to Gible On." Here are my impressions...

"Gone with the Windworks" was generally a more humorous episode with more emphasis on the relationships between the main characters as well as Dawn's new Cyndaquil. It would seem that Dawn's Piplup and Cyndaquil don't exactly get along. In fact, it seems they can't stand each other. After a battle, Marill runs off and gets lost in the Valley Windworks with Ash and Co. follow to go find it. They end up getting lock in a storage room and we learn a little more about Cory. Apparently he's not only a novice breeder her's also a bit of a worry wart. After getting locked in the storage room by accident he starts freaking out saying that they have to live the rest of thier lives in the storage room. After some brain storming between Ash and Brock, and a little help from Pikachu, the group figures out a possible way of escape by having Pikachu slip through an air duct to go get help.

While Ash and Brock are trying to find a way out, Lyra and Dawn get into a pretty interesting conversation. Lyra says that if they are going to be trapped in the room for the rest of thier lives then they'll probably get married in thier too. Dawn is a little confused by this, and she gets really flustered when Lyra asks who Dawn would choose: Ash, Brock, or Cory? She also remarks that Ash is a real catch because he's brave and gets things done where as Cory is always nervous and scared. Poor Brock isn't even in the picture anymore I guess.. not that he cares. He only has squinty eyes for older girls. He's never showed any interest in the girls that are in the main group and doubt he ever would.

Ultimately they get out, find Marill, have a brief run in with Team Rocket, and get on thier way. As episodes go, this one was ok. The high point was when everyone was locked in the storage room. The conversations were classic.

Plot: 3. They get lost. That's not really new. This episode gets a 3 solely due to the fact the storage room part was really funny.

New Characters: 1. The only new character is a very sleepy old man, the only new pokémon was Cyndaquil, which is the reason this score isn't lower.

TR Antics: 1. They didn't do much.

"A Rivalry to Gible On" was actually a pretty good episode for a couple reasons. For one, Brock hits on Nurse Joy in the most creepy was possible... by reciting her family tree and basically admitting to the fact he's hit on every Nurse Joy he's ever met. I keep expecting one of the Joys or Jennys to punch him the face and scream stalker, but that is yet to happen sadly.
Shortly after Brock getting Poison Jabbed in the butt by Croagunk, several young trainers come in with thier small pokémon after attempting to catch a really strong Gible that lives near by. All of the pokémon had been knocked out so they came to Joy for help. She scolds them for attempting to fight the Gible, and she tells Ash and Co. where to find it. Brock stays behind to help Joy (I bet).

Once Ash, Dawn, Lyra, and Cory find the Gible it turns into a competition between Ash and Cory to catch it. Lyra pairs Dawn and Cory together (in an attempt to set them up on a date) and she goes with Ash (probably for the same reason). Ash's method to attempt to catch Gible is to simply chase it around whereas Cory takes a slightly more intellegent route by trying to get Gible to come to him by putting a piece of pokémon food and using a fishing rod. After several trys all ending up with catching Piplup instead, Ash got a new idea. To basic hit the ground with sticks until Gible got annoyed and attacked. This worked, but Gible promptly goes after Lyra.

After several failed tries, the group decided to try to track down Gible in a nearby cave. Shortly after entering the group gets seperated with Ash losing Lyra, but finding Dawn. Lyra begins to get really scared and Cory finds her and rescues her. After this incident she begins to wonder if maybe he's not as big of a wimp she thought he was. He proves this by promptly getting in a battle with Gible and catching it.


Plot: 3.5. The story showed the Brave side of Cory and the Fearful side of Lyra showing that they aren't one dimensional.

New Characters: 3 Gible. Does. Not. Take. Your. Crap. I think the picture shows what I mean. The fight between Gible and Cory's Totodile was pretty epic.

TR Antics: 2 TR didn't do much this episode, which it's kinda of nice when they aren't reciting their motto in every episode. They popped in, say they want to get Gible for the Boss, Meowth fantisizes, and then they try to catch it fair and square... but it goes wrong. (See Below)

Friday, February 12, 2010

An Egg Scamble

I want to start writing a little bit about the pokémon series, mainly episodes that I thought were particularly good and rate them in a couple areas (Plot, New Characters, and TR Antics). I watched the Togepi episode that aired the week before last and it was good so that's kind of where I got the idea. Unfortunately, I have a hard time dragging myself out of bed early on Saturday mornings so I usually watch the episodes once they get posted to Cartoon Network Video. Anyway, I just watched the episode, "An Egg Scramble."

"An Egg Scramble" was a pretty good episode for several reasons. The biggest reason is pretty obvious, it basically reintroduced the Johto region. Many of the pokémon featured in the episode are from the Johto region such as the starters; Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. It also introduced the female lead from HeartGold/SoulSilver, Lyra.

When I listen to Lyra talk I can't help but think she sounds a heck of a lot like Julie from the Base Set 2 "Play it" disc. This disc basically just showed newcomers to the TCG how to play. The character in the game is very similar to Lyra, with the main difference being she has blonde hair instead of brown plus she doesn't wear a hat. You can decide if I'm imagining it or not by watching the episode and then watch this video from the intro of Pokémon Play it. It's REALLY uncanny. As a character I think Lyra is ok compared the other girls they've introduced in the series because she seems like she is going to have a good bit of personality and she isn't quite as unskilled as Dawn and May were when they were introduced. I think the main thing I like is she's a girl but doesn't specialize in Contests. I get tired of contests. The one wierd thing is I think she may be slightly deaf. Dawn told Lyra what her name was... but Lyra seems to want to call her "Dane" instead of Dawn which is kind of wierd. Dawn tried to correct here once, but even though it continued to happened throughout the episode Dawn let it slide. At one point Dawn and Lyra have a "Battle of the Century." I don't think it was really worth that title.

Another new character, Cory, was also introduced in this episode.. but he seems to be another one of those characters that sees himself in four or five episodes max, whereas I could see Lyra joining up with the main cast in Johto. Who knows, he could turn into the next Max and last the entire Johto season... or we never see him again. In any case he seems to want to be Brock Jr. Lyra even says that he is a pokémon breeder, but "that's stretching it." She even makes fun of him when he whips out a Dex in the middle of a battle rather than just fighting. I've always thought that was wierd in the show because what if your opponent attacks your pokémon while the Dex is talking? He's obviously not that skilled yet as a breeder because he couldn't figure out why his Totodile wouldn't eat but Brock figured it out in 5 seconds. I wonder how long he's had that Totodile and if it's never eaten under his care... that's abuse right?

I don't want to ruin plots or anything just in case some of my readers haven't seen the episode, but I do want to point out that Team Rocket busts on the scene and steals a lot of food. Where is my pickle and watermelon sandwich?I don't really understand the issue really because earlier in the episode Lyra explains that all of the food is free. Anyway, Team Rocket steals food and Jessie pigs out which left me with several great screen captures of a VERY fat Jessie. Of eveything in the episode, I have to say this is probably the best because it gives the internet something good to laugh about. So here is my challenge to you my faithful readers. From now on whenever I find a funny screen capture from a pokémon episode I'm going to post it on the message board as a "Write the Scene" and will ask for my readers to reply to the post with what the characters are saying/thinking in that scene. I hope you guys will enjoy that. In fact, I'll post one right now.

And now to rate... I rate the episodes on Plot (if it was a good story or not), New Characters (if the new characters/pokémon are cool or lame), and TR Antics (Team Rocket was entertaining or not.)

Plot: 3/5
-It introduces a lot of Johto aspects, but that's about it.
New Characters: 4/5
-I like Lyra as a character, Cory is ok.
TR Antics: 4/5
-While not funny the whole episode they did have high points. I don't like how they rhyme all the time... oh wait... I rhymed. I apologize. :P

Thursday, February 11, 2010

HG/SS Cards in Stores Now!

HeartGold and SoulSilver hit shelves on 2/10/2010 and should be at a retailer of cards near you. If you haven't already went and picked up some packs I'd suggest you do so. I bought 8 packs, Aaron bought 8, and Lauren bought 4. The Pokémon Prime seem to be relatively easy to get compared to other powerful pokémon for earlier sets (EX and Lv. X).

I pulled from my packs a Donphan (Prime) and a Meganium (Prime) as well as several good holo rares. Aaron had a better haul getting a Feraligatr (Prime), Ampharos (Prime), Blissey (Prime), and Lugia LEGEND piece plus several holos. Lauren got a Meganium (Prime) and some holos. So, out of 20 packs combined we got 7 Prime/Legend cards... which is pretty good. Lv. X cards are roughly 3 per box, meaning you would have to buy 36 packs to to get 3. In the case of HG/SS cards, you get a really good card roughly 1 every 3 or 4 packs. Also, Pokémon (Prime) take the place of the reverse holo in the pack. Because of this, you are assured to get another rare card as well in addition to the Prime. For example, I pulled my Donphan (Prime) out of a pack that also had the non-holo rare Donphan in it as well. Aaron pulled his Feraligatr (Prime) from a pack with a holo Arcanine also in it, and so on.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Pokémon, Zoroark and it's unevolved form!

So it turns out that Corocoro will have pictures of the newest pokémon, Zoroark! Information was leaked that made it's way onto Serebii. As it turns out, Zoroark is an evolved pokémon from an entirely new evolution line.

What we know so far is it's a Dark type, and based on it's name starting with a Z it's probably safe to assume it is Z. In that case, it's probably also ok to assume that the movie will be similar to the Lucario movie in that it will revolve more around a strong, but not actually a legendary pokémon.

For the full info, go to Serebii's 5th Gen pkmn page!

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Layout

Nothing new to report at the moment, but I got kind of tired of the old layout so I revamped it. Feel free to leave a comment on what your opinion of it is. To leave a comment click the post it note in the corner.

Next thing I want to revamp is the message board. It's been neglected as of late so I'm going to clean it up and change the layout so it matches the color scheme of the blog itself.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Pokémon Silhouette

The internet is buzzing with news of the lastest pokémon to be announced by Nintendo on Pokémon Sunday in Japan. It is said that this new pokémon, seen to the right, will be featured in the upcoming pokémon movie in Japan and is currently being referred to as "Z" from the title, Master of Illusion: Z.

Already fans are making guesses as to what this new pokémon may be. Many believe it's a stand alone legendary while others think it may be the evolved form of a pokémon we already know about. Some have suggested it may be an evolved form of Ninetales, Mightyena, Lucario, Weavile, or even the fully evolved form of a new starter. As a member of Pokebeach, I have even cast in my opinion. I think it looks a great deal like Mightyena and if I was to guess it's either a final evolution to Mightyena or a brand new pokémon with no ties to any of the older ones.

While it is possible that it's the main focus in the movie (actually being the Pokémon Z) it is also possible it simply plays a supporting role similar to Munchlax or Weavile in previous movies, and is in fact not pokémon Z. Pokebeach site founder, Water Pokémon Master, even states in today's update that "we assumed that the new Pokemon silhouette was 'Z' when it could in fact be a completely different Pokemon. Because Pokemon Sunday said they were going to reveal 'Z's' identity on their February 21st show and then later stated they would be revealing the new Pokemon's silhouette at that time as well, we figured both Pokemon were the same. However, it is possible that the two revelations are for two different Pokemon - 'Z' and the new Pokemon silhouette."

I suppose that we have to just wait and find out to see what Nintendo gives us on Feburary 21st!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

HeartGold/SoulSilver Prerelease

Today Aaron and I went to Sevierville, TN to compete in the prerelease for HeartGold/SoulSilver. Anticipation for this set is pretty high seeing as it's bringing back several older cards that have been gone for a long time. For example, Double Colorless hasn't been printed since Base Set 2. Other reprints include Fisherman, Prof. Elm's Training Method, MooMoo Milk, and Pokémon Reversal.

One of the new mechanics of the game, basically replacing Lv. X pokémon, are the Pokémon LEGEND cards Ho-oh LEGEND and Lugia LEGEND which each span two cards and to be played require both cards. Also new to this set are Pokémon Prime. These pokémon are basically alternative evolutions, either you can evolve Chansey into Blissey or into Blissey (Prime). The Prime isn't actually listed on the card, but they do look different in that they have the holographic around the edge of the card like Lv. X's.

The tournament ran alright, neither Aaron or I had particularly good pulls. I pulled a Blissey (Prime) and Donphan (Prime)and Aaron pulled Feraligatr (Prime). At first glance that's great, however I didn't get any Phanpy and Aaron didn't get Croconaw so two of our best cards we couldn't even use. I ended up building a Grass/Water deck with Blissey (Prime) thrown in as well as a couple Koffings. Koffing in the newer sets is Psychic, but the HG/SS one only uses colorless energies so it worked. As far as heavy hitters go my deck was pretty short on them. Of the things I pulled I only had the basic pokémon for Ariados, Slowbro, and the Blissey all of which I only have one of. Also, the Slowbro required I throw a couple Psychic energies in my deck as it's attack, Madkinesis, does 30 damage +20 more for each psychic on Slowbro.

UPDATE: 2/6/2010 My rounds

Round 1: My first round went well in my favor for most of the game. I got Ariados early and was able to use it's Leech Life to deal 30 damage to my opponent and then heal for 30. I took out two of my opponents pokémon with it and was able to draw two of my four prize cards. Cutting to the end, I had two prizes and my opponent had one. He had taken a lead with a Wigglytuff that my Ariados had already hit for 50 and poisoned. I had also previously sent up a Girafarig that the Wiggly KO'd, but I got the chance to use the Girafarig's Show off attack to get Psychic energies for the Slowbro on my bench. Even though Girafarig got KO'd quick, those energies were really needed. The Wiggly had since fallen to poison leaving my opponent with only a Heracross, Snubbull, and a Jigglypuff or two. I had a fully powered up Slowbro, a Mantine, a Chansey with Blissey (Prime) in my hand, and a Spinarak.I sent up Slowbro against the Heracross who had taken damage earlier in the game and only had 30 HP. The Heracross was then able to hit Slowbro for 50 with Double Headbutt (30 +20 for each heads from 2 coin flips... he got one). On my turn I had two options, simply KO the Headcross with Madkinesis or play Blissey (Prime) to heal my Slowbro with it's Blissful Nurse Poké-Power and lose all the energies on Slowbro. If I healed Slowbro, I could then attach a water energy and use Slowbro's Big Yawn for 30 and still KO the Heracross, but I would be asleep afterwards. Since he didn't have any other pokémon in play that could do 30 damage I used Madkinesis. The cost me the game as next turn he sent up Snubbull, evolved it, and then KO'd Slowbro. My record after: 0/1.

Next round was short and sweet as I was pretty much doomed from the start. What was really funny is Aaron got a bye so he was sitting this round out and said basically when I was done we'd go grab some food. My opening hand only had one Slowpoke in it, and Slowpoke can only attack half the time because it's attack makes you flip a coin, and if tails it's attack doesn't work at all. Not only that, but my opponent had built a deck with Donphan (Prime) which is what I wanted to do. It's attacks (seen on the left) are crazy good. Since one of my strongest pokémon (Blissey) is 2x weak to fighting I knew I couldn't win. After several failed attacks from Slowpokes, both the one I started with and one I drew later, a failed attempt to come back with a Tyrogue, and then losing Blissey (Prime) to Donphan (Prime) it was over. Speaking of Tyrogue I have to rip on baby pokémon a second. In HG/SS they all have a Poké-Body that makes them not recieve damage while they are alseep. Since they have 30 HP and thier attacks all put them to sleep after they are done it would seem they would be good. Well, for some reason, in HG/SS Nintendo decided to remove the Poké-Power that lets them evolve into basics. This means they can't evolve anymore. Kind of pointless, my Tyrogue never woke up from it's first attack so it eventually fell to poison since that isn't damage... it's an effect. Entire match probably took 10 minutes. Lucky for Aaron, because then we could go get food. Yay me, I can lose at breakneck speed. My record after: 0/2.

After lunch at Zaxby's Aaron and I played a quick fun game before round three. For some reason my deck ran really smoothly and I beat him pretty quick. It was a sign of what was to come. Round 3 went great, I don't remember much from the round outside of the fact I won, and isn't that what matters? I do remember my opponent was playing a water deck as well, but he couldn't get much into play outside of Mantine which let him search for more water pokémon, mostly Qwilfish. My Blissey took him out quick. My record after: 1/2.

The forth round was fun, I got to play a guy who was running a deck similar to mine. Also during this time the Tournament Organizer began the raffle. Both Aaron and I won a poster, and my opponent won a HG/SS theme deck (the Feraligatr one). Anyway, long story short, my Blissey (Prime) was out turn three and destroying my opponent. I was down to my last prize when he finally had pokémon to fight with... Slowbro. We ended up battling Slowbro to Slowbro at the end, but mine stood victorious. My record after 2/2.

The final round wasn't that fun compared to the last one. In round 4 my opponent and I talked a good deal after what we were planning for future decks, same for round 3, but in the final round my opponent was on the phone almost the entire time. He communicated by pointing to things on his cards. It was getting tedious so I charged up my Slowbro and trounced two of his pokémon quickly. He ended up conceeding and left. My record after 3/2.

All in all the tourney wasn't bad. Aaron ended up getting a 3/2 as well, but one of his losses was due to time being called so it's possible he may have even went 4/1. Anyway, the next tournament for cards is States in April. Whether or not we will be attending is yet to be seen.