Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shiny Pichu Event

Today is the first day of the Shiny Pichu event here in the states. I'm about to head out with Lauren and Aaron to stock up on pichu for trades and I'll post some pictures later on how many I am able to get. As with other events the total I get will depend solely on how long I can keep uploading them until I get bored. If you live near a Gamestop I suggest you take your DS or DSi and go get one. The shiny pichu unlocks an addition event pokémon in HeartGold and SoulSilver. The elusive spiky-earred pichu from the Arcues movie.

Also, the city I live in (Johnson City) is currently in the middle of a snow storm so the roads are a tad messy. Depending on if the snow increases or not I my have to cut my uploading short. Either way, the event lasts until Feb 14 so I'm sure I'll get a good bit before the event ends.

On a side note, if you haven't ever checked out the webcomic Super Effective, a comic strip by Scott Ramsoomair, I'd suggest you do. It is a really funny pokémon parody comic. Scott also is the creator of the popular webcomic of VGCats. Both comics I read pretty often (when they are updated), and I'll warn that there is a great deal of swearing (for you parents out there you may want to check them to make sure that your ok with them before letting your kids read them.)

UPDATE (3:00pm): Several of the Gamestops in my town didn't have the event running due to an issue with the Nintendo Rep not being able to make into town because of the snow. However, one of the three did have the event going. If you live in Johnson City, be sure to go to the Gamestop in the shopping center on Walnut St. where the new Walmart is. I've gotten 5 of the Pichu so far.

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