Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shiny Pichu Event

Today is the first day of the Shiny Pichu event here in the states. I'm about to head out with Lauren and Aaron to stock up on pichu for trades and I'll post some pictures later on how many I am able to get. As with other events the total I get will depend solely on how long I can keep uploading them until I get bored. If you live near a Gamestop I suggest you take your DS or DSi and go get one. The shiny pichu unlocks an addition event pokémon in HeartGold and SoulSilver. The elusive spiky-earred pichu from the Arcues movie.

Also, the city I live in (Johnson City) is currently in the middle of a snow storm so the roads are a tad messy. Depending on if the snow increases or not I my have to cut my uploading short. Either way, the event lasts until Feb 14 so I'm sure I'll get a good bit before the event ends.

On a side note, if you haven't ever checked out the webcomic Super Effective, a comic strip by Scott Ramsoomair, I'd suggest you do. It is a really funny pokémon parody comic. Scott also is the creator of the popular webcomic of VGCats. Both comics I read pretty often (when they are updated), and I'll warn that there is a great deal of swearing (for you parents out there you may want to check them to make sure that your ok with them before letting your kids read them.)

UPDATE (3:00pm): Several of the Gamestops in my town didn't have the event running due to an issue with the Nintendo Rep not being able to make into town because of the snow. However, one of the three did have the event going. If you live in Johnson City, be sure to go to the Gamestop in the shopping center on Walnut St. where the new Walmart is. I've gotten 5 of the Pichu so far.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pokemon Adventures Manga

I'm not sure if this is everywhere, but last weekend I got a great deal at Waldenbooks. The store was closing down and they had a huge sale on manga and I got the entire Red/Blue series of Pokémon Adventures, a Best of Red and Best of Yellow book, and a manga adaptation of the Manaphy and Giratina movies. It only cost me $22! If you have a Waldenbooks near you I'd suggest you check it out for youself if you like manga. The pokémon mangas are hard to find these days.

The Pokémon Adventures (PA) series is pretty good in my opinion. Most pokémon comics, like the Electic Tale of Pikachu ones, follow Ash alot like the tv show and so do the movie adaptations. PA follows the main characters of the games: Red, Blue, Yellow, etc. Sure it's wierd that all of the main characters are named after colors, but that's how it's done in the games too. Look at HeartGold and SoulSilver when it comes out. You'll have to face Red at the end of the game.

Anyway, if you want to read them, Manga Fox has them availible online and I suggest you check them out. You may like them. So far I'm at Ruby/Sapphire.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Promos, new computers, and such

Just a little bragging on my part, check out this gem of my collection. This promo Mewtwo is special. Look in the lower left hand corner. The Pokemon logo which should be in the upper right hand side of the artwork is instead in the lower left hand side of the card... AND UPSIDE DOWN. I am currently trying to determine it's worth as I've never seen one like it. More news on this soon.

Here's a better view of the bottom of the card.

Sorry I never got around to the lofty goals I set for myself last month, as it turns out the computer I had previously was on it's last leg. I just got a new one, but it came with it's own share of problems. Here's a long story short. I went to Best Buy to get a new laptop. The guy there suggested I get a Toshiba and he presented some very good points, so I did. I paid extra for them to make recovery discs which I was to pick up in an hour or so. I had to go out of town after buying the laptop so I told them I couldn't wait, but they said that was fine and they would call me when I could pick them up. Well, they never called and my Internet Explorer stopped working completely as soon as I left town, it wouldn't even open.

Once I got back to town they said that some of the Toshiba's have a virus that they somehow pick up between the factory and Best Buy. (There was a returned Toshiba on the Customer Service desk when I went there, lol.) They gave me the recovery discs and told me I would have to recover my computer. This took several hours, plus I had copied everything from my old computer onto the new computer, so I had to do that again. Currently it's working ok.