Friday, December 31, 2010

Even More Events! Celebi @ Gamestop!

So among the last events to be given away to the 4th gen games, Celebi is next! Pokebeach and Serebii have posted that the Celebi event will be held the last week of Feb. and the first week of March. This Celebi can be downloaded to Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver... and when sent to HeartGold and SoulSilver, will unlock a special side mission in the Ilex Forest.

Even cooler, once the Celebi is sent to Black and White, it allow the player to get a Zorua from an ingame trainer.

The Celebi is at Level 50 and is holding a Jacoba Berry. It knows Leaf Storm, Recover, Nasty Plot, and Healing Wish. The OT is "Gamestp" and its Trainer ID is 02271.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pokemon Black and White Hits States 3/6

If you haven't heard already, Nintendo sent out this mailer that Pokemon Black and White will be released on March 6th.

Additonally, Nintendo has released a press release which announced some of the US names for the pokemon. They are:

  • Professor Araragi: Professor Juniper
  • Hiun City: Castelia City
  • Chillarmy: Minccino
  • Gigaith: Gigalith
  • Munna: Munna
  • Hihidaruma: Darmanitan
  • Meguroc: Sandile
  • Mamepato: Pidove
  • Shimama: Blitzle
  • Gear: Klink
  • Monkey trio: Pansage (Grass), Pansear (Fire), and Panpour (Water)
Some ability and attack names have also be released.
  • Encourage ability: Sheer Force
  • Overconfidence ability: Moxie
  • Pigeon Heart ability: Big Pecks
  • Sweep Slap attack: Tail Slap
  • Wild Bolt attack: Wild Charge
  • Telekinesis attack: Telekinesis

Monday, December 20, 2010

Shiny Legendary Beasts Event in January!

The next Pokémon event is gearing up next month! Shiny versions of Entei, Raikou, and Suicune will be given away thoughout January (and early Feb) at GameStop. The event works for Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, and Soulsilver so if you have multiple games you can really stock up! Besides being shiny, they also know moves that they can't normally learn (for example they all have ExtremeSpeed). Each week is a different beast.

Jan. 3rd thru Jan. 9th - Shiny Raikou
Jan. 17th thru Jan. 23rd - Shiny Entei
Jan. 31st thru Feb. 6th - Shiny Suicune

You will need these guys once Black and White come out by the way. Without at least one of these to transfer over you cannot capture the new pokémon Zoroark. As with all DS events each is in a Cherish Ball and have a Classic Ribbon. All of the shinies, and Zoroark, will star in the next pokémon movie this spring!

*Update: Toys 'R us is also has an event coming up as well. Between Jan 30th and Feb 5th TRU will be giving away Ash's Pikachu. It's doesn't activate anything, but it does have Ash as the OT and knows moves that Ash's Pikachu knows in the show.

*Another Update: The Gamestop Shiny Beasts are now available via Wifi download throughout February! Full story here.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reserves for Pokémon Black and White at TRU

Toy's R Us is now takin reserves for Pokémon Black and White. I assume other places, such as GameStop, probably are taking them as well. Unfortunately, according to Lauren the reserve doesn't give a date for when you can pick up the game. It just says Spring 2011, which we already knew. If more comes to light on an official date, I'll be sure to post it on here.

Until then, enjoy this funny picture... I'm pretty sure this is how GameFreak cleared out the Ghosts in Lavender Town's Pokémon Tower so they could make it into a Radio Station.

Pokémon and Ghostbusters..... superb.... I think Haunter is in for some real trouble here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Featured Pokémon: Delibird

By: Earl III

Delivering Presents just in time for the holidays is 225th pokemon, Delibird. Delibird is known as the Delivery Pokemon, and first appeared in the pokémon games Gold and Silver. This Ice/Flying Pokémon originally could ONLY be caught in Silver, but has since been found in the wild in more games, such as FireRed, Colosseum, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, and of course, Soul Silver.

Delibird keeps food rolled up in its tail, which it uses to feed its chicks awaiting its return. Delibird is a generous Pokemon, as it is known to share food with people who are lost in the mountains.

The only attack Delibird knows in the wild is Present. Present is a physical attack of a non-specific power that gives a booby-trapped gift to the foe. Sometimes, however, Delibird will give its foe a present that will restore HP. I'm not sure if Delibird just accidently picked out the wrong gift to give, or maybe its SO generous, it couldn't help but to heal its foe a little bit. Either way, the move Present is quite the double-edged sword.

Delibird overall is merely a mediocre Pokemon, with not one of its stats breaching 300 at its best. Its highest stat is HP, followed by speed, and then special attack. The kicker is that it's only known move is physical, and so are MOST of its other learnable moves. It can learn moves by way of TMs, Move Tutors, and Breeding.

So, could Delibird be used at all? Of course it COULD be used, but I wouldn't recommend using it as a competitive pokemon. Delibird is a well rounded Pokeathlon contestant though, with at least 3 stars in each of its Pokeathlon stats.

So, if Delibird is not that great of a Pokemon, then why would we feature it as the Pokémon of the Month? December is often associated with gift giving and generosity due to the holidays, and what better Pokémon than Delibird is there to represent this? Look at it! It even looks like it has holiday spirit!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Victini and The Dark Hero

The next pokémon movie for Japan has been announced, Victini and the Dark (or Black depending on the translation you follow) Hero! Many sites have begun speculation on who the Dark Hero could be. Some guesses that have come up include Zekrom, Kerudio, or even N.

I'm going to go out on a crackpot idea.... The Dark (Black) Hero is Genosect.

Why? Well here's my reasoning:
  1. Victini and Genosect are on opposite ends of the Unova Pokédex, making them opposites and thier types or moderately opposite (although Victini still holds the advantage, but Genosect w/ a Aqua Cassette could make the battle interesting).
  2. Genosect suffers from a similar dark past to that of Mewtwo. He's is a pokémon that has been experimented on. He's not truly evil, but he may harbor some ill-will toward humans due to what Team Plasma has done. In the end it would be up to Victini to quell his rage.
  3. This would make the movie similar to the first movie, which if you haven't seen the BW anime it's very similar to early Pokémon episodes... Ash travels with two Gym Leaders, Team Rocket is actually threatening, Ash knows next to nothing about catching/battling, etc.

Anyway, yea... I think Genosect (who has yet to receive official art.. the pic above was drawn by Xous54 as was the Kerudio image). What do you think?

*Update: A new trailer shows both Victini and Zekrom, however it's unclear if Zekrom has a major role in the movie or if it is the Dark Hero. The trailer shows Zekrom basically raging using electric attacks and Victini launching a fire attack, but in different scenes (Zekrom in a mountain setting and Victini over water). Since they aren't interacting with each other it's hard to tell. Also it's common for scenes in early trailers to be solely promotional and never actually appearing in the movie. For example, an early Trailer for Giratina and the Sky Warrior had Regigigas bursting out of the ground in the middle of a Gracidea flower field but in the movie it awoke in a snowy temple and never actually interacted with the flower field.

**Update (1/14/10): Yep.. Zekrom is totally the Dark Hero now. Meh. I was hoping for something not quite as obvious...

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Science of Pokémon: How Far Off Is It?

I stumbled across this article on GeekMom today discussing the difference between Pokémon evolution and the actual Theory of Evolution as set forth by Charles Darwin. I think the article is interesting, and it's nice to see an article by a parent who isn't saying Pokémon is evil due evolution being a part of it. However, as you can see by my personal reply, it got me thinking about the science in pokémon. Is it real science or just entertainment, or something in between?

The first concept I'm going to discuss is evolution as that is the point of the GeekMom article. Pokémon evolution can be brought about by several means, as we all already know. You can evolve a pokémon in the video games by level, using an item like an evolution stone, or trading. Pokémon uses the term of evolution very loosely. Rather than being like the scientific definition of evolution, it's more used as a term for progression (like the evolution of an idea) or metamorphosis. For example everyone knows about insect metamorphosis. A catepillar (larva) as it gets older creates a cacoon (pupa) and then emerges as a butterfly (adult). Many pokémon follow this trend, for example Caterpie (larva) "evolves" into Metapod (pupa) once it reaches a certain level and then into Butterfree (adult) at an even higher level. In this instance, maturity in real animals and level in pokémon are somewhat equal to the same thing. Once the organism reaches a certain maturity, it metamorphs into its next stage. Many animals, however, don't undergo metamorphosis and the same goes for pokémon. For example, you can hatch a Lapras from an egg and no matter what you do or how high of a level it is, it will never metamorph into something else. Other evolution methods, such as using items are trading, are less realistic but are meant solely to add diversity to the evolution methods. However, they do mimic the outward appearence changes brought on by radiation. It is possible that items, such as evolution stones, produce a type of radiation which causes mutation and thereby changing the pokémon's appearance and the same goes for trading through electronic means. Now, mutation is a driving force of Darwin's evolution theory, however pokémon greatly simplifies it.

Another topic pokémon explores is the concept of heredity. In the pokémon games, trainers can breed thier pokémon. Rather than mixing the genes of the two parents, however, pokémon uses attacks to simulate heredity. For example, the elephant pokémon Donphan cannot learn the move Ice Shard naturally but the mammoth pig pokémon Mamoswine can. If the trainer has a female Donphan and a male Mamoswine with Ice Shard, they can breed these two pokémon together. The baby will always be the most juvenile form of the female (in this case Donphan's lowest form is Phanpy) and it will inherit certain attacks from the father (in this case Ice Shard). Other things can be transferred as well, however attacks are the easiest things for a pokémon to inherit.

As far as the science in Pokémon, it is pretty simplified, but as a game that was simply meant to be entertainment it does a decent job. The main problem is the slight misuse of terms, however I believe this to be a matter of preference on part of the programmers. Evolution is a very snazzy buzz word sometimes, whereas metamorphosis isn't. Pokémon isn't the first game to use evolution incorrectly, many games which involve one creature changing to another have used it (for example Digimon "digivolve", an obvious play on evolve). However, it can be used for an introduction to science, if not at least to spark conversation about the use of terms. Additionally, it introduces children to ecology (certain pokémon only appear in certain habitats) and the concept of scientific field work in the form of collecting specimens (capturing pokémon) for study. So, is the science in pokémon decent, just entertainment, or something in between? I think it's best descibed as somewhere in between. In fact, I'm surprised that the game covers as much introductory science as it does. The topics I discussed here are tip of the iceberg. There is also sexual dimorphism (male and female differences), predator/prey relationships, and allopatric speciation (which is when two very similar species which have evolved slight differences brought on by being seperated geographically). The list goes on!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2010

Not really huge news, but I just saw the Pikachu balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Some of you may have heard that Pikachu would be accompanied by Reshiram and Zekrom ballons, which would make it the first year that other pokémon besides Pikachu would be in the parade.

Well, they were there in all thier glory. They weren't balloons though, they were more like mini-floats. Either way, very cool. I wonder if other pokémon will start appearing in the parade with Pikachu?

What pokémon would you like to see on a float or as a big balloon?

A Call for Writers!

As we get ever closer to the release to Black and White this spring, I would like to attempt to assemble a team of writers to basically report on thier respective journey through Unova, what they liked/disliked, possibly even strategies. To do this I'm putting a call out to you, the readers.

Of course, as a writer for TKO you can also write flavor stories, like the story I wrote here for example. There are only a few guidelines that I have for writers on this blog:

1) Keep it clean, no swearing... etc.

2) It's ok to be critical of something, but don't go overboard. "This pokémon is horrible and should never see the light of day" is overboard. Simply saying it isn't commonly used, or is generally considered rather weak is a better way to say it.

3) As editor I may edit your grammar or spellcheck your writing. If your article is offensive I will delete it.. and you.. from Team KO.

Do you want to become part of Team Knockout as a staff writer? If so, email me a short article you would like to see posted on TKO at (before Feb 1st please). If it's good, I will add you as a writer and you can post it yourself! There are currently five, four three positions open.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black and White English Names Revealed!

After weeks of nothing of note to report I finally have something! The english names of the Black and White starters have been released! They are..

Snivy (Grass + Snake)
Tepig (Tepid + Pig)
Oshawott (Ocean + Water + Otter)

The region also got a name change from Isshu to Unova.

Of course, the pokémon community is an uproar.. which it almost constantly is when anything new is announced. Many people have a distaste for the new english names ( I generally don't care as I evolve/nickname my pokémon). The region name is also taking some flack, with some people complaining about such useless things like, "it's not two syllables like the other regions, therefore I hate it." I, again, don't really have a strong opinion about this.. but I do like the region isn't going to be called Isshu. I was willing to suck it up, but I didn't really like how it sounded too much like "Issue."

Rant if you must! For more info check out

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Amazing Pokémon Choreography

The Carnegie Mellon University's Dancers' Symposium Show Spring 2010 "FIERCE" began with this excellent Pokémon themed dance number. I approve.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Pokémon Jack O' Lanterns

This is kind of becoming a new tradition.. so Aaron, Lauren, and I carved some Pokémon Jack O' Lanterns this year. I chose a Mow Rowtom jack o' lantern, Aaron went with a Spiritomb jack o' lantern (even making the Odd Keystone), and Lauren went with a Haunter jack o' lantern.

What do you think? Do you like what you see? Do you have any pumpkins that you've made?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mew Wifi Download

There is a Mew download availible to Heartgold and SoulSilver players that have access to WiFi. This Mew is Lv. 5 and is in a Cherish Ball and is being given away to signify the 10th anniversery of the release of the original Gold and Silver. The event is set to run until Oct 30th.

Also, I know I need to change the Featured Pokemon, but I have been out of town the last week at a conference so I haven't been able to. I will try to get it done either tonight or tomorrow. The Featured Pokemon for October will be Gengar.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pokémon Battle Revolution Member Drive (FacebkTKO), and New Pokémon Ranger Game

In an attempt to drum up members, I've been battling on PBR under the name FacebkTKO. It's partially a Member Drive, partially an experiment to see if people can figure out that it means Facebook TKO and then search for TKO on Facebook (if the search for pokemon and tko, they will definately find us, I tested it). If they do, they should not only find the Team Knockout group, but also this site.

The chances are slim, but hey, worth a shot right? If you found this page by battling me online, then replay saying so! It'd be interesting to see if it works. I wish I could make my name longer. I would just make my name the url for the blog!

In addition, the new Pokémon Ranger game (Guardian Signs) came out today. If you buy it, there are 2 downloadable missions (download via wifi) already available. One lets you get a Deoxys and the other gets you a Manaphy egg. Both can be sent to your Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, or Soulsilver game. If you haven't bought it yet and own a Wii, a DS, and have WiFi connection, you can download a demo from the Nintendo Channel. (If you don't have the Nintendo Channel you can download that for from from the Wii Shop Channel.) The demo lets you try to catch a Mew, but this Mew can't be transferred to your other games. Oh well...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Battle Videos

It's been a slow news week, so here are some videos of me battling people online on Pokémon Battle Revolution. The team I'm using has some glaring type weaknesses, but if I wanted the "Steel Spirit" title on my trainer card I had to use at least 3 Steel Types.

If you want to be in a Battle Video vs Me then join the message board!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ds Tourney and Every Pokémon Episode EVER!

This past weekend my League had a DS tournament using Pokémon Battle Revolution. Everyone who participated got a pack of TCG cards (either Supreme Victors, HeartGold/SoulSilver, or HS Unleashed.. pretty good for only having to pay $1 to play) and a Ukelele Pichu Notepad. Our winners were Aaron (Seniors Division) and Zack (Junior Division). Each got an additional pack of cards and a Shiny Suicune, Entei, or Raikou (thier choice) for their DS game.. and yes these were the special event ones from Japan so whenever Black and White get released in the states Aaron and Zack can use thier new pokémon to activate the Zoroark event in thier games.

Today is the first day of the new Pokémon League season, officially starting this Saturday for my League. We got the League Kit this past Saturday which contains special foil prints of Spiritomb (Supreme Victors) and Donphan (HeartGold/SoulSilver) and special patches representing the Pokéatholon. I'll try to remember to scan them and post pics of the prizes on the Pokémon League page.

One last thing, I found this cool site that lets you watch every pokémon episode ever! is working on doing the same, but it's taking a while. Anyway, if you want to watch some pokémon check out!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Every Unova (JP Isshu) Pokémon Sprite!

All of the sprites have been released! Behold! (Images from Pokexperto.) Click for larger pics.
*Update! All of the dex entiries for these guys are on the message board.*

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet Pokémon Hats

Hey parents, are you looking for a cool gift for your kids for Christmas? Wonderland Creations makes cool pokémon (and other anime) hats. If you have Facebook you can check out some of thier hats here. The hats cost $25 and you can have one made custom if your child... or yourself.... have a favorite pokémon. As you can see, Lauren and I are happy customers.

All of thier orders are done via email. Thier email address is

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pictures from Dragon*Con, New Pokémon, and upcoming League Tourney

Sorry for taking so long to post some pictures from Dragon*Con. I've been really busy with school work this week. Anyway, here you go...

From left to right: Earl as a Rocket Grunt, Lauren as May, Matt as Byron, and Aaron as Lt. Surge. You can vote on who had the best costume in the poll!

We were surprised by how many people wanted our pictures. It just goes to show that Pokémon is still very popular. We also found a lot of ther people dressed as pokémon characters like Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Giovanni, Umbreon, etc.

Also new pokémon have been released again! Pokébeach has a great article on them, so click here to see them!

For those of you in my League in Johnson City, we will be having a DS tournament on Sept 25th. If you have any questions simply comment below. (If you don't have a Google account to log in to just choose Name/Url and put in your first name.)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pics of BW Starter Evos?! Maybe...

Serebii posted some new pictures that are possibly the evolutions to the Black and White starters. So far this is unconfirmed, but there were also some videos from elsewhere that they posted which are legit. As for the starters, Serebii says that the same source leaked info on the new Professor, Team Plasma, Triple Battles, etc so it's possible these are real! I think fully evolved Grass starter is ok, the fire one is pretty cool, and the water one is ok-ish... I prefer it'd look more like an otter. Anyway, it seems I am still on the fence on whether to start with the Grass or Fire starter if these turn out to be real. The main problem I have with the Fire starter, however, is I'm worried it will be Fire/Fighting based on it's stage 1's stance (flexing it's muscles). To see the news story yourself click here.

Pokébeach also has some videos, but not the starter evos yet. To see thier story click here.

On a different note, it appears I have the only promo misprint Mewtwo card in existence. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page under Other Promotional Cards.

Don't forget to say how much you love/hate the new starter evos in the comments!

*UPDATE 8:30pm EST* Serebii has pulled down the images of the starters so maybe they were confirmed fake. I checked the Fake Pokémon section on Serebii and they aren't shown there so I have no idea. Maybe the images were pulled for some other reason? Wierd.

*UPDATE 8:53am EST 9/4/2010* Serebii has reposted the image of the starters and Pokbeach has also posted them saying that there is a strong chance these are real!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010

This weekend several members of Team Knockout will be attending DragonCon. For those of you who don't know what Dragon*Con is, here's a little blurb from the website...

"Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe!

This year, Dragon*Con will be held Labor Day weekend (September 3–6, 2010) in Atlanta, GA."

We are entering the Cosplay Contest as pokémon characters (of course): Lauren is going as May, I'm going as Byron, Aaron is going as Lt. Surge, and Earl is going as a Petrel (or potentially just a Rocket Grunt). I'll post pictures of us in our costumes after Dragon*Con.

Team Knockout League members (only those in the Johnson City, TN Chapter), since we will be gone the entire weekend we won't be at League. Don't worry though, League isn't cancelled. Tim isn't going with us to Dragon*Con so he's in charge!

Also, readers! Make comments or email me with things you want to see! I like you guys are voting in the poll, but there is other stuff to do too!

Friday, August 27, 2010

New Pokémon and a New Series

Several new pokémon have released recently, as you can see to the left. Some I have already mentioned, like "Wargle" the eagle like pokémon seen in the center of the picture.

Moving from left to right, we have Shikijika (the small deer). It's a normal/grass type that has different color schemes depending on which season you catch it. It can have a new ability, Herbivore, which boosts it's Attack when hit with a grass move. It seems to be an interesting pokémon, and it's nice to see a new unique type combo.

Next there is Swana, the swan pokémon. It seems pretty standard, as it represents the 5th gen Water/Flying type. Each gen has had one. Red/Blue/Yellow had Gyarados, Gold/Silver/Crystal had Mantine, Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald had Wingull and Pelipper, and Diamond/Pearl/Platinum had Mantyke. At the moment, it is one of the ones I care the least for.

Above Swana is Mamanbou which looks like it may be an evolution of Luvdisc. Gamefreak has already said that we won't be able to catch older gen pokémon until we beat the game, so it's possible Mamanbou won't be obtainable until after beating the Elite Four. The design is a little wierd, but it does look more like a fish than Luvdisc.

The mole pokémon, Moguryu, is an interesting new ground type that has two new abilities. One ability boosts the power of Moguryu's Steel, Rock, and Ground moves the other speeds it up in Sandstorms. We also know it has an evolution, which we don't have a good picture for. I can tell you this much, it looks like it's arms and head come together to look like a big drill.

The new bug pokémon is Kurumiru, and is grass/bug type obviously. Not much stands out about this guy yet but it'll probably be this generation's Weedle/Caterpire/Wurple/Kricketot. It can either have the Swarm or Chlorophyll as it's ability.

Gigaiasu it the large rock pokémon covered in crystals. It's really stoaked about this guy, since it looks so cool. It has the Study ability, which will be getting an upgrade in Black and White. In the current games, Study will only protect you from attacks like Fissure which always one hit ko. In Black and White, Study will protect the pokémon from being one hit ko period. For example, if your rock pokémon gets hit by a powerful water move it would probably get ko'd automatically... but if your pokémon has Sturdy it will survive with one HP like a built in Focus Sash.

The final pokémon, Yanappu, is a grass monkey which will actually be a pokémon owned by one of the new cast members of the newest pokémon series, Pokémon Best Wishes!

On the right is a press release picture relating to Pokémon Best Wishes. The trainer in the lower right (the guy with the green hair) is Dento. He will be Yanappu and has been confirmed that he is the first Gym Leader in Black and White. In the series, he leaves his Gym to travel with Ash and Iris (the purple haired girl). Obviously, Brock and Dawn will be leaving the series. Also, Ash got a redesign. Below is a video from YouTube showing new footage from Best Wishes. It looks to be a great series and I look forward to it. The only thing is I'm going to have to get use to Ash not having skinny little cat eyes! LOL! If you click the Best Wishes poster, you can watch a trailer of the series on YouTube.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

More New PKMN, and POP News

Nintendo has released 3 new pokémon from Black and White: and evolution of Minezumi (the chipmunk looking pokémon), a fawn that is potentially a baby version of Stantler, and a Swan. The full story can be read here on PokéBeach. Included with the article are the original video footage that was aired on the Japanese TV show Oha Suta which show a good deal of the game play, such as the possible addition of areas changing depending on the season.

In Pokémon Organized Play news, the Battle Frontier season is almost over with this season being the last. This season is based around Hall Matron Argenta and is set to last most of August. The Argenta season prizes include special POP holographic versions of Butterfree SP (which is actually owned by Argenta) and Warp Point with each participant able to earn up to four copies of each. Two for maxing out points playing the Card Game, two for maxing out points playing the Video Game.

Members of the Team Knockout League of Johnson City, however, can choose to receive specially bred pokémon instead of cards when they max out points for the Video Game as we recognize that some people who play the video game only play the video game, so pokémon with really strong egg moves could be more useful.

Since the Battle Frontier season is coming to a close, Nintendo will be starting the new 2010 -2011 season in September and it will be based on the events from the Pokéathlon from HeartGold and SoulSilver. The first event season will be the Ring Drop.

In Game Download News, today marks the first day that HeartGold and SoulSilver players in the US, Europe, and Austrailia can download the Enigma Stone via Nintendo Wifi. Simply connect to any availible wifi hotspot to download. The Enigma Stone holds a special secret if you take it to the Museum in Pewter City.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A lot of good things, some bad

On June 26th, I married my fiancé Lauren! It was a beautiful ceremony and the main reason why I haven't really posted on any of the new Black and White news that has broken as of late on and PokéBeach. I figure all you guys who really wanted to know that information probably already know it, but if you want to know my opinion on some of the recent developments here they are, if you want to see the pokémon I'm referring to... check this story on Pokébeach by clicking here:

  • Gochiruzeru (The Goth Girl) - is ok, I don't really care to raise one, but Lauren likes it alot. She's glad that it's exclusive to Black since she's getting that one.
  • Rankurusu (The one that looks like a bear covered in jello)- This thing is supposed to be a cell, which is kind of cool... but I dunno. I don't like it's arms and the odd shape of it's mouth. Unless it somehow wows me later, this is a Dex only catch for me.
  • "Wargle" (The war eagle :p)- I REALLY like this guy. I like how he looks. I like that it gets the Encourage ability so it won't take the secondary effects of attacks. I like it's new attack Free Fall because being able to pick up and drop the opponent pokémon sounds fun. Definately gonna need one of these.
  • Kibago (The Larvitar look-alike)- Shows promise, I like that it's a Dragon with tusks. I'm interested in seeing the evolutions.
  • Koromori (The fuzzy cyclops bat)- I want to like this guy, and I may be working too hard to make myself like it just because I'm excited we have a bat that isn't Zubat. Don't get me wrong, I really like the Zubat line.. but I've wanted something fresh. This guy doesn't look much like a bat. Oh well, I kinda like him and I hope it gets better as it evolves.
  • Minezumi (The chipmunk)- Meh, looks ok. Like a step up from Bidoof. Seems to take a little something from Rattata, Sentret, and Bidoof.
  • Musharna (The pink tapir)- I'm gonna have it just because I currently study fossil tapirs so if it is even slightly battle worthy I have to have one out of prinicple not to mention I need it for a new mode in Black and White anyway.
Well, that's the good. Another reason I've been slow to update is I seem to have an infection in my abdomen. I've been sick since my honeymoon in Orlando, which I just returned from this past Sunday. Today is the first day I've been well all day long. I am currently taking antibiotics and I plan on being more timely once I'm 100%.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Atlanta VGC's 2010

I just got back from an extended stay in Georgia this past weekend. While I was there the past two weeks, I got to attend the VGCs held in Atlanta. Earl and I made the trek from my hometown of Statesboro, Ga and Aaron met us there. Unlike last year, they let in people based on a first come/first serve basis rather than lottery so we all made it in.

We all did rather well in my opinion. Initially, we got there thinking the tourney was single format, but it turned out it was double so we had to come up with new team combinations on the spot, and after 20 minutes of the staff trying to get everyone in line to make the perfect wave... we finally got to battle (You can see the wave video below).

Aaron's team beat me twice while we were waiting in line, so I made an additional last minute change. Aaron got in before me and faced someone starting with a Kyogre and Dialga... and got double critical hit from 'em. It's really hard to come back from that... so Aaron didn't make it to the 2nd round.

While I was waiting in line I got talking to several people and unfortunately got paired with a nice kid named Justin. The battle was relatively close, but ultimately ended with his Gyarados vs my Registeel which wasn't exactly even. Registeel paralyzed the Gyarados with Thunder Wave then Seismic Tossed it's way to a win. Earl also did well in his round so we ended up making it round 2.

My round 2 started out BAD. It was my Rayquaza and Wobbuffet vs a Mewtwo and Slaking. I was basically just trying to survive for a while, but thanks to a Thunder Wave from my Registeel and the speed of my Aerodactyl and Rayquaza, I was able to make a come back. The battle was really close right up to the end and I managed to pull it out to make it to round 3. I saved this video and uploaded it so if you have Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver you can watch my battle. The search number is 36-03894-02110. Earl got put out this round, but I'm not entirely sure how... he just was... sorry I'm not able to got further into Earl's defeat.

My round 3 was rough compared to earlier rounds as the girl I was facing obviously knew what she was doing. She began with Groudon and Shiftry, with the duo working quite well together. Groudon's Drought started sunny conditions and Shiftry's Chlorophyll raised it's speed. I began with Wobbuffet and Rayquaza again which effectively shut down Groudon's Drought. Unfortuantely for me, the Shiftry hit my Rayquaza with Fake Out so I didn't get to take out the Groudon with Ice Beam... and then the Groudon hit Rayquaza with Dragon Claw which took him out instead. After that, I sent in Aerodactyl. I was able to take out the Shiftry with Ice Fang, but only after it hit my Wobbuffet with Dark Pulse. Next, Groudon hit both my pokémon with Rock Slide finishing off Wobbuffet and Aerodactyl. I took out Groudon with my next pokémon, Dusknoir... but she too had a Dusknoir as well as a Palkia as her last pokémon. In the end, two against one assured her the win.

All and all, the tourney was really fun and despite the fact uber legendaries were allowed, was a good format. I took way more pictures, and I'll post them soon.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Newest Pokémon!

I wanted to wait until a good bit of details had come to light before posting too much on this, but I want to talk a little about the newest pokémon released by Nintendo. These are the starters for pokémon as well as the newest legends Zekrom and Reshiram (all seen to the right).

Beginning with the starters, the Grass on is supposedly a Grass Snake pokémon, then there is the Fire Pig, and the Water Otter. I'm not using the Japanese names for these guys to reduce confusion when the English names are actually announced. Thier designs seem to take a little from each of the earlier gens. The Fire Pig resembles the kinds of pokémon we got from gen 1 and 2 from an artistic standpoint (the pokémon art was very similar in those two gens). The Grass Snake seems more like gen 3 (and looks a lot like Treecko in it's eye). The Water Otter seems to take a lot from gen 4, mainly looking a lot like Piplup in it's body shape (as pointed out by a friend of mine in Germany). As with any new set of starters there has been a lot of controversy surrounding these. Normally, I would wait until the evolutions are announced before forming opinions as a whole, but to each thier own.

The most ridicule has fallen on the Water Otter in that it's "ugly" or "unimaginative." There are some who disagree, however, like my finace Lauren who has already said she's starting with it. As for me, I'm not sure if I will be choosing the Grass or Fire starter yet. I liked the grass starter from the start, but the fire one is starting to grow on me too. Unlike many people I've talked to, I actually like these starters ok. I do like some from the earlier gens more, but that's just how it goes. I'm sure as soon as the evolutions are announced I will start to like these more and more.

Now for the legendaries Zekrom and Reshiram. First of all, thier names will stay the same in both English and Japanese so there won't be any confusion there. Thier design reminds me a lot of the 4th gen legends (Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina). I'm ok with thier complex designs because, in my mind, the more complex they look the more legendary they look. I'm sure some people will disagree, but legends like Lugia or Ho-ohy don't look that legendary to me when based solely on thier design. In fact if I didn't know better, I could see Ho-oh as just a fully evolved starter when basing my opinion solely on how it looks. That being said, I'm not a huge fan of Reshiram. It's body looks too big for it almost. However, I do like Zekrom so I will be getting the White version. Both have been announced to be Dragon type, and Zekrom has been rumored to be Dragon/Electric... but that remains to be seen.

What are your opinions of these pokémon?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to start a chain

Here's a little into video on how to chain. Consider it a prequel to my last video on chaining shiny pokémon.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HS: Unleashed Prerelease and other recent tournies

Sorry for the over one week hiatus, I was in the midst of finals as well as competing in a couple recent tournaments. As you all probably know, HS: Unleashed was just released stateside.. and I along with my fellow Team KO members Aaron and Tim got to participate in the prerelease the weekend before last.

For anyone who hasn't been to a prerelease the rules are simple. You pay an entry fee ($25) you get 1 promo card, a pack of special pokémon sleeves, and 6 packs. From the six packs, you build a deck of 40 cards. All basic energy are supplied. This is a great way for anyone new to the game to learn the rules and be on the same playing field as everyone else. Also, once the tournament is over each player gets 2 more packs for a total of eight.

My packs yielded ok stuff, with the rarest things being a Tyranitar (PRIME) and Lanturn (PRIME), but unfortunately I didn't get enough of thier lower forms to play them. Despite that set back I went 3W/2L which isn't bad for not having anything particularly strong in my deck. My fellow team members did well too. Tim went 4W/1L and Aaron when 2W/3L .. but only because one of the rounds we had to play each other... in which case one of us had to lose.

This past weekend we had a small video game tournament with some of the Team KO members in Stateboro, Georgia and visited the League there. This tournament was the second in a series we refer to as "Arceus Type Challenges." Basically, each person draws a type from a hat and makes a team based on that type. I had Steel, Lauren had Bug, Earl had Grass, Aaron had Rock, Cody had Ground, Tim had Dark, etc. Dual types are allowed, but one of thier types has to match the type they drew. The battles were intense, and some video footage was taken which may be posted in the future. I want to congraduate Cody for getting 1st, Earl for getting 2nd, and Aaron for getting 3rd!

The final thing I want to say is I have posted a video about chaining shinies on the Team KO Channel. My username is Supermatt142 if you wish to subscribe to the Team KO Channel.

Friday, April 23, 2010

New VS Old... is Pokémon getting worse over the years?

This is a common topic I keep hearing about on a group I've joined on Facebook. There seem to be two factions, people who hate the new pokémon games after Red and Blue... and those who do not. I, obviously, belong to the latter. I think that every new pokémon game has expanded the game in some way as well as kept it relevant. Since I am for this side I am going to explain that point of view and welcome anyone who wants to argue for the other. (I'm not going to argue for or against Contests or Pokéatholon as these are optional side quests and if you don't like em... don't do 'em... that simple.)

First of all, many people in the "old school" have the main argument that 150 pokémon is enough and that more makes things too complicated. My counter-argument for that is this: If there were only 150 then the game wouldn't have had the longevity it does now. Filling the Pokédex in the old games only requires a couple of days, and if you own both versions... not even that long. Also, when it comes to battling, I remember the old days... I remember everyone's team was pretty much the same. Just about everyone had thier starter, Gengar, Alakazam, Rhydon, Gyarados, and Mewtwo. Sure there was some variation, maybe swapping Gyarados for Lapras or something... but the point being... it was VERY predictable. Fun for a while, but things needed to be added.

Thus Gold and Silver (and later Crystal) were added as sequels. They introduced new game and battle mechanics as well as better graphics. The addition of Eggs and Held Items increased the customization ability for your pokémon. Now you could breed your pokémon to know moves it couldn't normally learn as well as attach items to make it more effective in battle. Another problem that Red and Blue had was the vast superiority of Psychic types and by adding Dark and Steel in these games, Psychic was balanced out. As with any different part of the world, the animal and plant life was different as well as the mythology. If you think about it, Kanto (the region from Red and Blue), has NO mythology. The legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are legendary based on thier rarity, but without the back story made for them in the 2nd pokémon movie... there is no backstory for them. As for Mewtwo, it isn't legendary in the since it's lived for ages as some of the new legendary pokémon. It is legendary because it was created by science and is more powerful than even Arceus in some respects. The legends of Johto, however, actually have a story behind them: The Legend of the Burned Tower. Same for Lugia in the Whirl Islands, but to a lesser degree. These stories are meant to widen the world of pokémon and make it more believable.

Shinies are often brought up as something "old schoolers" don't like. Thier argument is, "if they are so rare, why do we need them." Well, you don't need them, you want them. That's two different things. Shinies are for bragging rights (and Gold and Silver straight up gives you the chance to get a Shiny Gyarados). A lot of games have lofty goals that, while unrequired, we strive for as bragging rights. For example, on XBOX 360 the game Resident Evil 5 has an achievement for 50 points that requires you to block a bullet with your knife. That is VERY hard to do. However, there are methods to get shinies easier. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum the item PokéRadar can attract them, reducing thier 1/8000+ ratio to a mere 1/200. Not only that, it shows you where in the tall grass they are.

Ruby and Sapphire (and later Emerald) continue to broaden the world of pokémon in a similar way. Now, I will admit I was sad that it wasn't compatible with older versions.. but when FireRed and LeafGreen were released, along with Colosseum, it wasn't as bad. Catching the pokémon I had before again was a pain, but exploring new areas was fun. Again, the Hoenn region has it's own mythos and animal/plant diversity as well and it introduced more legends. As Gold and Silver had it's phoenix legend in the form of the Burned Tower legend, Hoenn had the legend that Groudon had saved the region from a horrible flood and Kyogre had saved the region from a terrible drought. With the addition of Emerald we get the back story of Rayquaza, a dragon with the ability to qwell the weather abilities of the two titans Groudon and Kyogre should they ever meet to do battle. The other legends of Hoenn include Latios and Latias (which have no back story so it's assumed they are legendary due to thier rarity) and the Regis (Regirock, Regice, and Registeel). The Regis represent the progression of human technology (which is why they look robotic). Regirock represents the stone age, Regice the ice age, and Registeel the steel (or bronze) age.

Battle changes incule the addtion of 2 vs 2 battles (which were in the anime long before due to Team Rocket), abilities, and natures. "Old schoolers" tend to not like this either. First of all, abilities have been around since the beginning of the Pokémon Card Game in the form of Pokémon Powers. The video games just copied that concept. Abilities are nothing short of great when it comes to revamping some of the older pokémon. Take for example Gengar, in games before Ruby/Sapphire it was weak to Ground since it was half Poison. This makes little sence as Gengar is a Ghost which in the anime is shown floating. Now with it's Levitate ability, it is immune to Ground.. as it should be. Natures also seem to be hated for some reason. Natures are only there to help people who raise thier pokémon to fight competively. If you don't, then just ignore it.. but before people like me would have to raise a pokémon to 100 to determine if it was really good for what they wanted it to do (for example be a fast Aerodactyl). Now, I can get an Aerodactyl and if I see a nature like Jolly, I know it will be fast or if I get an Brave Tyranitar I know it will have high attack. How is this bad?

Finally we come to the latest gen: Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum (and Heart Gold/Soul Silver). These added the ability to play against your friends worldwide via Wifi connection. I personally love this because as I have grown and moved away from many of my friends who play, but I can still play against them over wifi. I also have made friends overseas (namely Germany and Japan) by discussing trades with them on message boards. Battle-wise not much new was added in the department of mechanics outside of Characteristics which are just flavor text that give more insight into your pokémon's personality and what it's good at. For example, an Aerodactyl that's Jolly (nature) and Likes to Run (characteristic) is going to be very fast. This addition only further helps training pokémon, and like natures if you don't care to raise your pokémon competively then ignore it. D/P/Pt did add more legends than previous regions, but the legends of Sinnoh are more indepth than previous regions, as it is a creation of the world myth I'm not surprised.

Basically, the Original One (Arceus) was born within a churning sea of Chaos. To bring order to the Chaos it created Dialga to rule time, Palkia to rule space, and Giratina to rule the Distortion World where the laws of time and space do not reach. Giratina, being rebellious, angered Arceus who banned it to the Distortion World alone. Then Arceus created Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie to counter balance the power of Dialga and Palkia and to foster determination, emotion, and knowledge in a young human race. There are other legends in Sinnoh, but they do not relate to the creation story. Cresselia and Darkrai are legendary in that they are pokémon able to influence the world of dreams, Cresselia positively and Darkrai negatively as this creates a balance. Heatran is simply a rare pokémon that is said to inhabit the large volcano north of Sinnoh. Finally Regigigas is the king of the regis from Ruby and Sapphire.

If you go anywhere in the real world, there will be mythos.. usually different than mythos from where you are from. The pokémon world mirrors this in both mythology and animal/plant diversity. I think the main problem with the "too many legends so no one is a legend" argument is that 1) "old schoolers" don't understand there are degrees of legendary and 2) that many mythos stories contain many legendary figures. Also, there are only roughly 30 legends out of 493 pokémon. That means that only about 0.06 of pokémon are legendary. In most competitive circles, pokémon determined to be overpowered (or "uber") are banned from play so they don't really affect gameplay. As for the levels of mythos, think of it this way.

Most polytheistic (multi-gods... think Greek Gods) societies have a god for everything. Pokémon is very similar. Pokémon I would deem as the God Level (those with powers similar to Greek Gods) would include:
  • Arceus (the creator of pokémon)
  • Dialga (God of Time), Palkia (God of Space)
  • Giratina (God of The other side/ Death)
  • Azelf/Mesprit/Uxie (God of Spirit)
  • Groudon (God of Earth)
  • Kyogre (God of Sea)
  • Rayquaza (God of Air)
  • Ho-oh (God of Rebirth)
  • Lugia (Spirit of the Ocean)
  • Regigigas (God of the Forge/ Technology/ the Colossus)
  • Cresselia (Ruler of Dreams)
  • Darkrai (Ruler of Nightmares)
Demi-god level is similar to figures like Hercules. They are legendary due to thier great strength or abilities granted to them by the gods. Mewtwo is in this category as well as Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Registeel, Regice, and Regirock as well as Latios and Latias. Demi-gods usually have close ties to gods either being sons or daughters ... or in some instances simply being created by a god.
  • Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres fall under the Rule of Lugia based on the 2nd movie but it doesn't seem like Lugia created them so much as just rules over them in an attempt to keep them in balance
  • Entei, Suicune, and Raikou where brought back from the dead by Ho-oh in the story of the Burned Tower
  • Regigigas created the Regis according to it's Platinum dex entry
  • Mewtwo is a special case in that it is "uber" legendary based on it's strength, but it represents science more than mythology so it doesn't fit in my God pokémon level rather it is more or a Demi -God (or maybe even in the next cateogory after this one) that in many respects are greater than the gods themselves (ex: Hercules.)
  • Dragons are often thought of as legendary, so Latios and Latias being the only Psychic Dragons makes them Demi-God level.
  • Manaphy also falls into this level as the Prince of the Sea, suggesting it's lower that Kyogre and Lugia. Phione, which is only availible by breeding Manaphy may fit here as well, but it's not really legendary.
The rest are what would be considered to be crypto-creatures. Animals which have gained legendary status due to thier extreme rarity or lack of evidence to thier existance. Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster as well as aliens are real world examples. People believe they exist, but evidence is lacking. Pokémon that fall in this category are: Mew, Celebi, Deoxys, Jirachi, Heatran, and Shaymin.
  • With the discovery of Mew, the 151st pokémon, in Red and Blue it was said that Mew was thought to be the very first pokémon. We know now that's not entirely accurate, since Arceus is said to have created all pokémon.. so what is Mew in relation to other pokémon? I looked through all of Mew's dex entries, and it turns out that NONE of them reference Mew as the first pokémon. It simply states that Mew contains all of the DNA seen in other pokémon which is why it can learn every TM and HM. This means that Mew isn't the first pokémon, but rather a proxy which contains all of the genetic information for pokémon. This would mean that Mew was created early on by Arceus. Stepping out of the mythos, Bulbapedia states Mew is actually the first pokémon name to be tradmarked so in that sence, Mew is the first pokémon.
  • Celebi, the time traveling pokémon, doesn't have much role outside of being the protector of the Ilex Forest.. with Celebi in other regions not sharing this role (for example the Shiny Celebi from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon). It seems that based on this, Celebi is simply a rare and unique pokémon with the ability to traverse time. It also seems that this ability affects Dialga negatively as in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon it is shown that Dialga doesn't like anyone fooling with time like Celebi does.
  • Jirachi is similar to Celebi in that it has one unique ability, but doesn't really govern any part of the natural world. In Jirachi's case, it can grant wishes. However, this ability is extremely limited as it only can grant wishes within a 7 day period and if it is particularly hard to grant, Jirachi immediatly goes to sleep and doesn't wake for 1000 years.
  • Deoxys also is a Ru/Sa/E legend with not a lot of back story, in fact it's only rare due to the fact it's a very strong alien pokémon with the ability to shift it's forms. Alien isn't a distinction that Deoxys started, however, as it has been said that the Clefairy evolutionary line are from the moon. The only difference is Deoxys' alien origin has been confirmed, but the Clefairy one hasn't.
  • Heatran, one of the final legends I will talk about, is said to have created the large volcano north of the Resort Area on D/P/Pt. Although this has been said, it never has been validated so it's more word of mouth than fact. It's possible that Heatran simply live in the volcano rather than created it. Shaymin also doesn't have much back story except it is said to have filled Floaroma Town with flowers by using it's ability to suck in pollution.
Personally I will continue to buy pokémon games as long as they continue to make them. Any opinions? (All legends pic by SonofOdin.)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The New Pokémon from Black and White? Probably not..

*THIS IS CONFIRMED FAKE! Real sprites in this more recent article.*

So my friend Cody (aka Giromon on the message boards) sent me this picture a friend of his sent to him. This is supposedly the list of new pokémon to appear in Pokémon Black and White and thier sprites. For years people have been making fake sprites for fun, but they always end up popping up more during times immediately after the announcement of a new game.

Although the prospect of any news of new pokémon that has sprites to go along with it are really nice, most of the time they can be determined to be fan made by just looking at the diveristy of the pokémon listed. Unfortunately for this list it is more than likely fake.. but it does show possible directions Game Freak could take when it comes to evolving older pokémon like Jynx or Dunsparce (of which I am particularly a fan of the artist who came up with the Dunsparce evo in this instance).

Anyway, some of the ways I've determined this to be a probably fake:

  1. The grass starter starts off as a dual type with dragon. Although this is cool, dragons are meant to be really rare so a starter dragon doesn't seem reasonable.
  2. There are five regis in this game, more than likely if there are regis in this game at all there would only be three. Also I don't think they are as well designed as the first 3 or even as good as Regigigas. For example Regiearth, the grass one, just looks like a green registeel.
  3. The Steel/Water Shark pokémon and the baby form of Corsola are in the list twice. I doubt Nintendo would make a mistake like that without catching it.
  4. Alot of the names are already Americanized, for example Skarush as an evolution for Skarmory. This doesn't really fit as Skarmory is Eamudo in Japan so it's evo should have a similar name to the Japanese name.. it's too early for Americanized names.
  5. There are WAY to many Mudkip-esque pokémon... suggesting several are just sprite revamps of Mudkip and it's evolutions.
Despite this there are a few that I wouldn't mind being real. I think the Dunsparce evolution is particularly cool looking. I'm also a fan of Defyant. That pun is so bad, it's good.
There are other things, but I want to hear from you guys. What are your opinions, real? Fake? Are there certain ones you wish were real? Etc!

On a more real note, Pokebeach got a hold of some actual video footage of Black and White from Pokémon Sunday. It doesn't really show anything new in respect to the pokémon in the game.. but it does show how the cities are going to look. Click here for the Story.
Finally, in response to our last poll question "Do you use your PokéWalker?".. 9 out of 10 people said that they do in fact use thier PokéWalkers!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pokemon Video Game Championships 2010

Nintendo has finally opened up the site for the VGCs this summer. The locations are a little lame, but the rules are better this year when it comes to admissions. Now they are allowing more people to enter and they have removed the horrible lottery based entry system they used last year.

The very first VGC is going to be held in Seattle on May 5th and then the rest will be held in various cities skirting along the US border with Nationals being held in Indianapolis on June 26th. Unfortunately, this means Team KO will not be attending Nationals at all as Lauren and I are getting married that day. As for Regionals, at best we will be attending the Atlanta tournament on June 5th.

As for the special pokémon being given away this year... it will be a Shiny Eevee! If you live near an event, I would suggest going and competing regardless of your skill level. After all, just competing gets you the Shiny Eevee.

If you are attending one of the VGCs send me a message! I would love to get in contact with anyone attending ANY of the other VGCs who would like to do a write up for this blog.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pokémon Black and White

So the new Pokémon games have names now! They are Pokémon Black and White versions, and Lauren and I are already talking about which versions we'll be getting. Lauren has decided to get White for whatever reason, so I guess I'll be getting Black.

Anyway, I'm not quite sure why they are going back to basic colors... but I'm guessing they are attempting to get back to basics. Hopefully, they are moving toward a good version where you just play through like normal as a kid beating Gym Leaders and then a bad version where you can join the bad guy Team. I really doubt they would do that, but I guess I can always hope.

Feel free to respond with your theories!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Featured Pokémon: Dusknoir

Dusknoir is one of my personal favorites. Any one who has had to battle against mine, named BongoBongo after the Zelda boss, knows this ghost is really tough to beat.

Dusknoir is the Gripper pokémon and is known for it tendancy to take in lost souls into the mouth on it's stomach and carrying them into the afterlife. The antenna on it's head is said to also read transmissions from another dimension. It is a pure Ghost type with great defenses and attack power, an awesome ability, and can play several different roles on a team. My Dusknoir, Bongobongo, is a pretty standard Dusknoir so I will start with that strategy first. I usually lead with Will O Wisp to burn my opponent and lower their attack at the same time. After I get hit I then follow with Pain Split to both heal myself and do damage. I do try to swap the order that I do these moves depending on my opponent, however, as pokémon like Blissey have so much HP that Pain Split makes for a great opener essentially dropping Blissey's huge HP to the same level as Dusknoir. I also use Protect to outlast the opponent and with Pressure, which ups the pp cost of moves from 1 to 2, Protect is a very useful in draining the opponent pokémon of super powerful moves like Fire Blast or Frenzy Plant which generally only have 5 pp (or 8 with PP ups). Sucker Punch is the final move in Dusknoir's list, mostly for picking off opponents once they are low on HP and it goes first if they are attacking Dusknoir. Shadow Punch could be used for this role, and it doesn't require Dusknoir to be under fire to work... but since it can't hit Normal types at all, I tend toward Sucker Punch.

As for other options, Dusknoir's slow speed makes it a great Trick Roomer and it has a wide range of physical moves to use along with Trick Room. After opening with Trick Room, Dusknoir can follow with Fire, Thunder, Ice, or Shadow Punch, Earthquake, etc. depending on what you prefer as Dusknoir has tons of physical attack options.

Another option is to teach Dusknoir the move Imprison (breed with a male Ralts, Kirlia, or Gardevoir that knows Imprison) and three other common moves... for example Earthquake, Sucker Punch, and Protect. If your opponent knows any of the moves in Dusknoir's move list, they are blocked from play. The three moves you choose to block are up to the trainer, I generally try to choose moves that are common among the people I play against.

To get a Dusknoir of your own, you will have to attach a Reaper Cloth to a Dusclops and trade it to a friend and then have them trade it to back to you. There are several places to get a Dusclops, but the easiest way to get a Dusclops is to search the grassy areas at the foot of Turnback Cave in the area known as Sendoff Spring in Platinum. In Diamond and Pearl you will have to use your pokéradar on Route 224 but it's rare so you will have to watch for yellow grass. For both D/P/Pt make sure you are looking at night for best results.

In HeartGold and SoulSilver you can find Dusclops as well, but you need to place 18 Forest Blocks in the Mountain Area of the Safari Zone. If you don't have access to Safari Zone blocks, you will have to talk to Baoba (the Safari Zone Warden) and complete his challenges.

All in all, Dusknoir is a great ghost pokémon and a boon to any team.

Red doesn't have nothin' on me!

So I beat Red on Mt. Silver the other day so the story mode is behind me. Now I'm simply doing side quests, finding items, trading myself to fill my dex, and raising new pokémon. I have a couple interesting stories that I'd like to share from my travels today.

The first relates to the runners Entei and Raikou. I haven't really tried to track them down because runners get on my nerves... but Entei and Raikou had other plans I guess. The first one I ran into was Raikou shortly after I ran them out of Burned Tower. It was wierd in that I learned something interesting about the runners. Apparently, unlike in Gold/Silver/Crystal, Raikou and Entei can run on water. As you can see to the left, my poor little Zubat wasn't up to fight him.. so I just chunked a ball. He promptly broke it and ran off. I still haven't tried to catch him again, but if any of my readers are trying to catch him, keep in mind he could be in the water so be sure to bring a surfer along with some pokémon to keep it running with either Mean Look or some ability (like Arena Trap on Dugtrio or Shadow Tag on Wobbuffet) to keep it from running away. I had more luck with Entei, which also showed up early. Like with Raikou, it appeared when I wasn't quite ready to battle it.. so I threw a Fast Ball. It caught it right off the bat and it was an attack nature so I was pretty stoked. So, in addition to the tips I gave you earlier to catch Raikou make sure you stock up on Fast Balls from Kurt.

The second thing I want to talk about are the two event Pokewalker courses, Yellow Forest and Night's Sky Edge. First of all, anyone with Wifi access can download the Yellow Forest course between now and and May 5th. As for Night's Sky Edge if you have the event Jirachi that was given away from Gamestop before HG/SS came out you can unlock the area.

Strangely enough, I haven't traded my Gamestop Jirachi to HG/SS yet... but I did migrate one of my old WISHMAKR Jirachi from the PKMN Colosseum Bonus disc and it unlocked the Night's Sky Edge. Now, before I declare this to Serebii I would like someone who DOES NOT have the Gamestop Jirachi or hasn't sent it thier HG/SS to message me or reply. I want recorded proof that ALL event Jirachi unlock the event. Some of the users of Serebii tend to be jerks if I say I discover something they haven't already and don't have video taped data.

Anyway, both of these courses are must haves as Yellow Forest has Surfing and Flying Pikachu (although they are very rare, they are only in patches that have three "!". Originally I thought it was four but as it turns out the max is 3) and the Night's Sky Edge has Clefairy and Jigglypuff as well as Moon Stones.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little Hiatus.. and the PokéWalker

Sorry, I've been a little busy with work and writing up a Paleontology abstract (a small published summary of my research) and playing my SoulSilver version lately but I do want to talk about the features of the Pokéwalker. I've had one since I bought a Japanese version of Heartgold last year... but since I couldn't really read it I couldn't do a real write up for it.

First of all, if you aren't taking a stroll with your pokémon everyday.. you should. You would be surprised how much walking the normal person does in one day. The main draw is, of course, the ability to level up your pokémon. However, you can only raise you pokémon one level per stroll so that isn't that impressive as many people has hoped.

The other main purpose to use the PokéWalker is to use the Watts earned from walking to capture pokémon and find items. Early on, the pokémon and items aren't that great.. but the more you use the PokéWalker the more area you can stroll in. Some of the areas have really rare pokémon like Spiritomb and Torchic.

Although that is cool, I have found that one of the biggest draws for me to use the PokéWalker is to Mystery Gift with my friends for free items similar to in the old days of Gold and Silver. When two PokéWalkers sync, both people get a random free item as well as you can battle computer controlled versions of your friends team in Viridian City for Battle Points.

What do you like about the PokéWalker or do you think it's unimportant? Reply with your opinion!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pokémon AMVs

I dunno if you guys have ever searched YouTube for pokémon AMVs (Anime Music Videos) but if you haven't you might want to consider it. I'm going to post one on here from time to time that I really like, and occasionally I'll pit two videos against each other and have you vote on your favorites in the Poll on the right... this week is Mewtwo vs Sableye. Watch the two below and feel free to comment as well.

Mewtwo - I Stand Alone (Godsmack)

Sableye - Scared (Three Days Grace)

Also, Team Knockout has a YouTube Channel. All of the current uploaded videos we've made are in the right hand column. Granted, I haven't uploaded alot, but I plan on uploading more soon now that Lauren has a good camera.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

HeartGold/SoulSilver Hits the States

Aaron, Lauren, and I just went and picked up our copies of HeartGold and SoulSilver. Lauren got HS, Aaron and I got SS. Lauren and Aaron both decided to start with Cyndaquil, whereas I started with Chikorita since I already have a good Feraligatr and I didn't want to start with the same pokémon they did. For people who reserved thier games as Toys R Us like we did (since Lauren works there after all) were treated to some special freebies like a DS Basics kit including Lugia and Ho-oh stili (plural of stilus), a HG/SS T shirt, a pikachu paper hat, stickers, coloring sheets, and of course the figure of Lugia or Ho-oh depending on the game you reserved. To read all about the event, check out this article that Lauren sent to Pokébeach by clicking here.

On another note, I've been listening to a cool pokémon podcast, PokéDex Radio. If you want to check it out, click here. I recently interviewed the person behind Pokédex Radio, Gabriel....

Matt: Do you have a favorite pokémon/pokémon game?
Garbiel: Easy answer - Charizard. I've always had a thing for fire types. As for favorite game, I wouldn't be able to give a definitive answer, I've enjoyed each one. If I really had to choose, I'd say Pokemon Crystal. I loved all of the additions to the game compared to the First Generation as well as the upgrade from Gold and Silver.

Matt: When did you start your podcast, and why?
Gabriel: I had the idea of starting a podcast back in the summer of 2008, even though we didn't record until March 2009. I had started to listen to all kinds of podcasts and fell in love with the ability to get my voice out there without having to be a professional of sorts. At first, I didn't know what to talk about, then it hit me - Pokemon. It's something that has been part of my life for over a decade and I enjoy the topic.

Matt: What's your favorite part of doing a pokémon podcast?
Gabriel: I like being able to reach out to the community. If it wasn't for my podcast, I wouldn't be able to stay in contact other trainers and see their opinion of current and past Pokemon happenings. I also like sharing the knowledge I have about the games with others.

Matt: Do you think your podcast offers something that other's don't?
Gabriel: Of course! While it may sound cliché, I say it offers knowledge, experience and care. Pokemon has been a part of my life for about 12 years and counting. I've played and lived Pokemon for so long. I think anybody would respect the fact that I care about the topic.


In my opinion, the podcast will probably benefit newer players more than some of the more experienced players... but it still can be fun to listen to. Also, Gabriel hits on some topics, like contests, that some people may or may not really understand (I even sent in some info on contests that you can listen to in Contest episode 2). All in all, listen in an form your own conclusions. I'm going to keep listening for sure.

Also... the results from the Action Replay poll were tallied. Basically 75% of the people who voted said that Action Replay is LAME. If you disagree, feel free to post your comments by clicking the title of the Action Replay article.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Use of Action Replay.. is it ok in the tournament scene?

I've read quite a bit about the use of Action Replay online, and the two stances on whether it's use is acceptable or not...

I think it is definately not when it comes to editing pokémon. Multiplying items I can let slide to an extent. I'd never do it, but if someone else did I wouldn't be against trading for some TMs. When it comes to editing a pokémon stats, I draw the line.

Ok, so that's my opinion... but here's why I feel that way. It's basically the same as going to the store and buying a game for $35 and then paying the clerk an additional $25 to beat the game for you. What's the point of even doing that anyway? Why even play?

Here's another reason. I work hard to raise my pokémon from lv. 1 to lv. 100. I breed good moves into my pokémon, look for good natures/characteristics, etc. After all of this, I get into a match with a spoiled little 10 year old who can simply press the select button or something and all of a sudden his Pikachu has 999 in every stat, or a Spiritomb with Wonder Guard that suddenly can't be hit by any attacks outside of status.

I also go through the trouble of chaining shiny pokémon, and I get kind of annoyed that someone with an AR can simply put in a code and all of thier pokémon are shiny. Do you know how hard it is to get a shiny that has a good nature and whatnot through chaining?! I have to make sure before I even go to chain something that I have a Synchronize pokémon at the front of my team with the nature I want, and even then it's not a sure thing.

I just feel that AR cheapens the game. Nintendo blocks them at VGC tournies and will disqualify anyone who's pokémon are determined to have been "hacked". Most people say, I need it to get event pokémon that's why I do it!! Your wrong on two accounts... 1) If you hack and event, it's not an event... it's a hack. You cheated, end of story. 2) You need an event? TRADE! Trading is supposed to be a huge part of the game. Go online, make connections... make friends. It's the point! I made a friend in Germany who gets me spare German events for spare American events. It's easy to get spares. All you have to do is rent a spare copy of a game from Blockbuster! I do it all the time. Get the event in the Blockbuster game, trade it to your main game, reset the Blockbuster game and do it again. It only costs $5 a pop and I get to strip the game of all of it's items and good pokémon that I can use in trades.

Any way, end of the rant... How do you feel about people who hack thier games? Vote now in the new poll or leave your comments!