Friday, October 23, 2009

My Trip to New York

So I just returned from New York this past Wednesday. I went to do work in the fossil collections at the American Museum of Natural History, but I got to do a great deal of sightseeing as well.

Of note, I got to visit Nintendo World and purchase several pokemon items. Nintendo is apparently pretty big in New York. The picture on the left was taken at the extremely large Toys 'R Us. As you can see, the display they have for the Nintendo section is pretty extreme.

Of course while I was there I went to other tourist areas like Chinatown, the Empire State Bulding, etc.

Speaking of Chinatown, if you ever find yourself in New York and if your interested in imported games there is a great store for imported games at the mall. The store itself is called J and L Games I believe. I know it starts with J. Anyway, they have a ton of games and a great deal of rare imported games. I bought a copy Heartgold while I was there and I've been playing since I've gotten back. I've enjoyed it so far. I've been moving slowly because I'm been experimenting a great deal with the PokeWalker. I downloaded the Yellow Forest course through Mystery Gift and I'm attempting to catch some of the rare Pikachu. Apparently the Yellow Forest is a course which contains ONLY Pikachu, and some actually can be caught knowing Surf, Fly, and Volt Tackle. So far I haven't gotten one myself, but I'm hoping to catch a good deal so that I can use some for trading. Gamewise, I've just beaten Bugsy and I'm heading into Ilex Forest. Just a heads up for anyone getting the english versions of the spring, Faulkner is a pain to beat unless you bring a good strong Rock or Electric type to take his pokemon out quickly. I don't want to give to much away spoiler-wise... but I will say this, one has a healing move.

I'm going to keep trucking away on Heartgold and if anything crazy pops up I'll talk about it. I really enjoy the mechanic of the first pokemon in your party following you. I sent over my lv. 20 Regigigas to level it up quickly and it's really cool having Regigigas following me around.

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