Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pokemon League and Site Updates

Not a whole lot going on in pokemon news right now, just HS/SS stuff. Turns out we'll being seeing the Gold and Silver remakes sometime this upcoming Spring. No big surprise there. A lot of things have been confirmed to be returning from the original games like being able to go to the Kanto region and being able to fashion "new" pokeballs from Apricorns. Some new items have been announced, however, like a key item that is basically a planter in which you can plant your berries and carry it around with you. This will make berry growing a lot easier like the Berry Tracker App in Diamond and Pearl did.

In personal news I located a league near me so I can now post on my experiences there. I've been twice so far, once last Saturday and yesterday as well. Last week I focused more on TCG and this week on the DS games. As I would have suspected, I did much better on DS.. and I'm currently undefeated amongst my fellow league members. I recorded one video from yesterday that I will post later.

Speaking of battle videos, I will be moving them later today from the side bar to the message board as a pinned topic. This will allow me to post my videos, as well as allow other people to post any videos they are proud of as well.

On a side note, I chained up some more shinies... 3 Croagunk and 5 Banette.

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