Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pokemon Emerald Battle Brain Memories

So I was randomly surfing the web today when I happened across a picture. It's a picture from the Pokemon Emerald Battle Brain tournament a couple years back that shows all the competitors. I was quite surprised to find this, as it was a picture taken by a Nintendo rep- but never made it into Nintendo Power. In fact, from the article about the tournament myself and a couple other contestants are completely absent. Not even a picture.

Well, anyway, after finding it I decided I would post it on here. Enjoy.

In order from the left we have Travis, Stephen, Mike (Skarm from Smogon), Chris, myself... um.. another guy, Christa, Charles aka "Chalkie".. and I dunno the names of the guys in front...
Well, I'm sure there's a list somewhere. I spent most of the time during the tourney hanging with Earl and talking with Chris a bit since we where both from the Brave frontier (Southeast region) and afterward hanging out with Travis, Steven, and Mike so I didn't really meet the other guys as much. The guy in the bottom middle, however, was at the Nashville Regionals which was cool. I don't know if he got to compete or not. What would be great is if he somehow runs across this post and emails me his experience. That'd be awesome. I'm going to roam the internet to see if I can find any information, maybe a name list or something, so that the people who competed could potentially Google themselves and find this. It'd b interesting to catch up with them, see if they still play, etc.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pokemon League and Site Updates

Not a whole lot going on in pokemon news right now, just HS/SS stuff. Turns out we'll being seeing the Gold and Silver remakes sometime this upcoming Spring. No big surprise there. A lot of things have been confirmed to be returning from the original games like being able to go to the Kanto region and being able to fashion "new" pokeballs from Apricorns. Some new items have been announced, however, like a key item that is basically a planter in which you can plant your berries and carry it around with you. This will make berry growing a lot easier like the Berry Tracker App in Diamond and Pearl did.

In personal news I located a league near me so I can now post on my experiences there. I've been twice so far, once last Saturday and yesterday as well. Last week I focused more on TCG and this week on the DS games. As I would have suspected, I did much better on DS.. and I'm currently undefeated amongst my fellow league members. I recorded one video from yesterday that I will post later.

Speaking of battle videos, I will be moving them later today from the side bar to the message board as a pinned topic. This will allow me to post my videos, as well as allow other people to post any videos they are proud of as well.

On a side note, I chained up some more shinies... 3 Croagunk and 5 Banette.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Platinum/Pokemon Ranch Follow up

After a couple days of pestering Nintendo on thier forums one of the pokemon fans who was also upset there was no update was actually able to get in touch with someone with some insight. This is the email they received:

"Hello, While we appreciate your interest, there are no plans to offer an update to My Pokemon Ranch to make it compatible with newer Pokemon games, such as Pokemon Platinum. Additionally, there are no plans to offer the Japanese update in North America. I will, however, be certain to pass along your email on to the appropriate department for further review. For the latest Pokemon news and information, please keep an eye on the official Pokemon website (

Sincerely, Nintendo of America Inc."

So that's it for now... no update for Ranch and no reason to even buy Ranch if you have Platinum. I will keep following up on this with my detective work and attempt to get some reasoning why we weren't offered the same update that Japan has. I understand why we don't get as many pokemon events as Japan, seeing as it's easier to host events everyone can attend due to thier country being smaller and having a lot of public mass transportation (trains). The pokemon giveaways don't affect gameplay the way the incompatiblity with an entire game affects the usefulness of My Pokemon Ranch. I'd even be willing to buy the update for some Wii points if I would be able to deposit Platinum pokemon. Xbox 360 has game add-ons that can be purchased if the person wants them... I don't see why the same can't be done for the Wii.

Anyway, thanks to Nitendo tech forum member DUKE5567 for getting this information and posting it. To read the full message board post by SHADOWMIDNA, click here.