Thursday, July 30, 2009

Platinum Updates (or lack of) and Event

There haven't been a whole lot of Pokemon updates lately, til now.

First of all, I'm upset that the Platinum update hasn't been released for Pokemon Ranch yet so I called Nintendo for some insight. The guy I talked to didn't even know that Pokemon Ranch wasn't compatible with Platinum until he looked it up on his computer. So much for insight. He couldn't give me anything on when or if we'll ever see the update stateside.. but I am planning on trying again. In fact, I'm calling for anyone who reads this blog to go to thier tech support forums ( and complain. If enough people complain we might get something done.

As a spot of good news, Platinum owners will able to download the Member Card item via wifi starting this upcoming Monday (Aug 3rd) thru Sept 13th in the US. This item opens up the previously locked hotel in Canalave City. When you sleep in the bed there you will start having a nightmare about NewMoon Island where, in your dream, you go and get in a battle with Darkrai! Don't forget to get this event!

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