Thursday, July 30, 2009

Platinum Updates (or lack of) and Event

There haven't been a whole lot of Pokemon updates lately, til now.

First of all, I'm upset that the Platinum update hasn't been released for Pokemon Ranch yet so I called Nintendo for some insight. The guy I talked to didn't even know that Pokemon Ranch wasn't compatible with Platinum until he looked it up on his computer. So much for insight. He couldn't give me anything on when or if we'll ever see the update stateside.. but I am planning on trying again. In fact, I'm calling for anyone who reads this blog to go to thier tech support forums ( and complain. If enough people complain we might get something done.

As a spot of good news, Platinum owners will able to download the Member Card item via wifi starting this upcoming Monday (Aug 3rd) thru Sept 13th in the US. This item opens up the previously locked hotel in Canalave City. When you sleep in the bed there you will start having a nightmare about NewMoon Island where, in your dream, you go and get in a battle with Darkrai! Don't forget to get this event!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Team Knockout Interviews

One of the competitors in Nashville who goes by Breaktube on Youtube ( ) interviewed Lauren, Earl, and myself about out experiences in the tournament! If you get a chance check his page out. Here are our videos.




Everybody seems to hate the lottery system. I hadn't heard Lauren or Earl's interviews so I didn't know they made comments on my behalf since I hadn't got to participate in the tournament. Thanks guys! I appreciate it!

Jirachi Farming

Not much to report on, outside of some random HeartGold and SoulSilver updates... but nothing I didn't already expect... Red Gyarados is returning and some pictures of Ho-oh and Lugia's sprites have surfaced, etc. All this can be seen on Pokebeach.

Speaking of which, I've added a search bar on the right that allows you to search both Serebii and Pokebeach from this blog. If you wish to seach the blog itself, use the search bar in the upper left. The search bar on the right is supposed to be able to search this blog and the sites in my links lists.. but for reason it isn't searching the blog like it's supposed to.

Since I'm off today, I figured I'd do some Jirachi Farming. Just for future reference that's what I do to stock up on Jirachi for trading. It works like this:

1) I start a new Ruby file.
2) I play far enough in the game to get the Pokedex.
3) Upload a Jirachi from the Pokemon Colosseum bonus disc which was given to people who reserved Pokemon Colosseum.
4) Transfer the Jirachi to my copy of Pokemon Box.
5) Repeat

The whole process takes about 20 minutes, but by doing this I can get as many legit Jirachi as I can stand. (After around 6 I get bored.) I still need to post a Spotlight either later today or tomorrow. I wanted to post Lauren's Team Spotlight, but I have to wait for her to get off from work at Toys R Us so that I will know what items her pokemon were holding in the tournament.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in trading for one of my many Jirachi then you can reply to this message or better yet, send me an email with your offer.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Next movie to feature Ho-oh and Lugia?

According to Pokebeach, then next pokemon movie (after the Arceus one) will possibly feature Ho-oh and Lugia. As to what extend the two will play is unknown, but I'm not really that surprised as Ho-oh has yet to have a major role in any movies.

One question I have is will Entei, Raikou, and Suicune also play a part as they are a major part of Ho-oh's history. Only Entei and Suicune have been in movies so far, and of the two Entei was they only one to a have a really important role. Suicune, although in a movie (Pokemon 4ever) it only appeared late in the movie to help Ash fight and late save Celebi. Raikou has never been featured in a movie, only in a two part special. Another is does this mean that Ash & Co. will be returning to Johto or will this movie be taking place in Sinnoh? It would seem odd for a movie featuring the two major Johto legendaries to be anywhere be in Johto, but who knows. They will probably introduce yet another anime only town that somehow has some connection to the two. I'm rooting for Johto personally.

In other related news, a friend of mine mentioned to me the other day that he plans on buying a japanese version of HeartGold, and I'm considering getting SoulSilver. Once he (or we) get our versions I'll certainly post any new areas and information.