Friday, June 5, 2009

Pokemon Spotlight: Yanmega

-By Matt G.

I finally have a pokemon spotlight for one of my favorite pokemon. (And no.. it won't be on my Regionals team.. sadly it's a lv 95 and Nintendo capped the tourny at lv 50s.)

Battlewise Yanmega is probably one of the best bug types in the game, which says a lot since most of them are pretty lame. It gets several great moves and an excellent ability, and one not so good ability. Also, getting one is pretty easy. After beating the Elite Four for the first time and obtaining the National Dex, it's unevolved form Yamna is wild in the Safari Zone in Pastoria and once it reaches Lv 33 it will try to learn AncientPower. If it does, the very next level it will evolve. If your Yanma is past lv 33 and doesn't have AncientPower you will have to go to the Move Tutor, also in Pastoria, to relearn it or it won't evolve.

When raising a Yanmega, Special Attack natures are the way to go. (ex: Modest- raises Sp. Atk and lowers Atk.) For ability the best is Speed Boost. This will allow for Yanmega to speed up every turn. The only other pokemon to get this ability is Ninjask, and Yanmega's other ability isn't that great. The other ability is Tinted Lens which powers up "not very effective" moves after you use them on the opponent once. This isn't helpful because it's not smart to use moves that aren't very effective as the opponent could take that turn to KO the Yanmega so the boost doesn't matter.

As for the moves the Yanmega should learn, it depends on your battle strategies. If you just like using really strong attacks then Bug Buzz, Air Slash, AncientPower, Giga Drain with Wise Glasses as the item held. The straight forward approach doesn't really require alot of explination. They are just strong attacks with Wise Glasses powering them up further. (AncientPower and Giga Drain also cover two of Yanmega's weaknesses: Flying and Rock.)

If you like being sneaky the best set to go with would be Hypnosis, Detect, Bug Buzz, and Air Slash with a Wide Lens attached. First use Detect, this will let Yanmega get one free Speed Boost without worrying about getting hit. Next follow up with Hypnosis. After your opponent is asleep you can use Air Slash which since you'rr going first could cause the opponent to flinch, so even if they wake up they still wouldn't be able to attack. Then the next turn you can put them to sleep again. Both Hypnosis and Air Slash are slightly inaccurate so holding the Wide Lens makes up for that. Bug Buzz is added just because it's a very strong Bug move to finish someone off.

And that's how you make one awesome Yanmega. Next Wednesday (not Friday.. I'll be on the road to Nashville for Regionals) I'll do another Spotlight. This time it will be on Dusknoir!

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