Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Team Spotlight: My Regional's Team

So like I promised last week, this week I want to spotlight the teams that Team Knockout used at Regionals... starting with my own of course.

My strategy was a relatively simple one, put as much damage on the opponent from field affects as possible, including things like Spikes, Stealth Rock, Hail, etc.

My team consisted of:
Item- Brightpower
Attacks- Hail, Protect, Spikes, Blizzard

Item- Leftovers
Attacks: Stealth Rock, Yawn, Zen Headbutt, Protect

Item- Life Orb
Attacks- Spark, Explosion, Thunder, Endure

Item- Muscle Band
Attacks- Rock Slide, Thunderpunch, Overheat, Close Combat

Item- Choice Band
Attacks- Ice Punch, Bullet Punch, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake

Roserade (shiny)
Item- Black Sludge
Attacks- Toxic Spikes, Magical Leaf, Aromatherapy, Shadow Ball

For the most part the strategy is simple, using Froslass and Uxie (and in some instances Roserade) to put Hail, Spikes, and Stealth Rock (or in the case of Roserade... Toxic Spikes) and then switch Uxie (since Froslass is now more evasive since Hail is going) for Electrode and explode. With the Life Orb Electrode can take out most sweepers, and with it's speed can out run almost anything that isn't Choice Scarfed (which increases thier speed by 1.5). Using this strategy the opponent potentially loses 2 of the 4 pokemon that they have on their team since the rules only allow 4 pokemon on a team at a time. Uxie also knows Protect should the Froslass have to be swapped it will be safe from the Explosion.

After this Metagross or Infernape can be used to swap in for the now fainted Electrode. Both have very strong moves for attacking two pokemon at once (Rock Slide and Earthquake) as does Froslass (Blizzard) this will usually make short work of the remaining two pokemon. The only thing is if Metagross is going to use Earthquake Froslass needs to Protect so as to not faint itself, and after that the Metagross will have to be switched if it needs to use a different move or if Earthquake is fine then Froslass needs to switch to Uxie because Uxie is immune to Earthquake.

Well, that's it for this spotlight, I think I'm going to work on my Giratina a bit. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Team Knockout at the Nashville Regionals

Today is the first time since last weekend I've been able to post on Team Knockout's trip to the regionals in Nashville. To make sure we arrived on the time, Lauren had us wake up early to be at the convention center bright and early at 6:30am. Originally a good idea, however due to the tournament being based on a lottery system our arrival time didn't really matter. Once we finally got into the tournament we got registered. We were given wristbands with the names and numbers of pokemon which would be drawn later to determine who would actually get to play in the tournament. Lauren was given Nidorina, Earl got Arcanine, and I was given... ugh... Shellder. As soon as I got the wristband I knew that was some kind of bad omen. Afterward we went around and took some pictures with the pokemon characters.

We wasted some time walking around the convention center where the tournament was being held and it was really nice. It had what bacially was an indoor grotto/forest. We took some more pictures of the scenery and then headed back to see who was going to participate in the tournament. Lauren was really nervous since it was her first big tournament and she was really worried that she wouldn't get in and be able to play. After a large group picture taken of all of the potential contestants and an odd dance party held among the pokemon mascots, we all stood with held breath infront of the monitors which held out fate. As we watched as both Nidorina (Lauren) and Arcanine (Earl) were shown, but Shellder... as I had feared... was absent.

So yes, sadly after all of my preparation and work helping Earl and Lauren get ready, I didn't even get to compete. Despite this tragic setback I was happy that Earl and Lauren made it in so I was supportive and didn't complain. I took pictures of Lauren and Earl competing in the tourny while also battling other people who were unfortunate like myself. The battles were hard fought and I have several videos that recorded that anyone with a Platinum can watch. Simply search by the battle number in the forth floor of the Global Terminal in Jubilife City. There are a couple training matches between Lauren, Earl, and myself; a team battle with Earl and I vs two trainers from Florida, and a battle between myself and one of the participants in the tournament.

-Lauren vs Matt: 48-51073-91313
-Matt vs Lauren (Rematch): 88-74443-31406
-Matt vs JIMMY: 13-19664-96724
-Earl and Matt vs Mateo and Estaban: 55-41110-08376

Both Lauren and Earl did well in the tournament and I am proud of them both. It was a lot of fun, but hopefully in the future Organized Play won't use the lotto system and allow for everyone to play, or at least make it first come serve. The final round of the tournament was a little anti-climatic as well. The winner of the tournament, Allen (the guy in the picture), had a team composed almost completely of legendarys, and even if they were the ones allowed in the rules, it was still kind of lame. To see the match the video number is 55-41110-08516.

Starting Monday I am going to post 3 Team Spotlights discussing the teams we raised for the tournament instead of Pokemon Spotlights. The videos will show you parts of the teams for a bit of a spoiler for the upcoming spotlights.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pokemon Spotlight: Yanmega

-By Matt G.

I finally have a pokemon spotlight for one of my favorite pokemon. (And no.. it won't be on my Regionals team.. sadly it's a lv 95 and Nintendo capped the tourny at lv 50s.)

Battlewise Yanmega is probably one of the best bug types in the game, which says a lot since most of them are pretty lame. It gets several great moves and an excellent ability, and one not so good ability. Also, getting one is pretty easy. After beating the Elite Four for the first time and obtaining the National Dex, it's unevolved form Yamna is wild in the Safari Zone in Pastoria and once it reaches Lv 33 it will try to learn AncientPower. If it does, the very next level it will evolve. If your Yanma is past lv 33 and doesn't have AncientPower you will have to go to the Move Tutor, also in Pastoria, to relearn it or it won't evolve.

When raising a Yanmega, Special Attack natures are the way to go. (ex: Modest- raises Sp. Atk and lowers Atk.) For ability the best is Speed Boost. This will allow for Yanmega to speed up every turn. The only other pokemon to get this ability is Ninjask, and Yanmega's other ability isn't that great. The other ability is Tinted Lens which powers up "not very effective" moves after you use them on the opponent once. This isn't helpful because it's not smart to use moves that aren't very effective as the opponent could take that turn to KO the Yanmega so the boost doesn't matter.

As for the moves the Yanmega should learn, it depends on your battle strategies. If you just like using really strong attacks then Bug Buzz, Air Slash, AncientPower, Giga Drain with Wise Glasses as the item held. The straight forward approach doesn't really require alot of explination. They are just strong attacks with Wise Glasses powering them up further. (AncientPower and Giga Drain also cover two of Yanmega's weaknesses: Flying and Rock.)

If you like being sneaky the best set to go with would be Hypnosis, Detect, Bug Buzz, and Air Slash with a Wide Lens attached. First use Detect, this will let Yanmega get one free Speed Boost without worrying about getting hit. Next follow up with Hypnosis. After your opponent is asleep you can use Air Slash which since you'rr going first could cause the opponent to flinch, so even if they wake up they still wouldn't be able to attack. Then the next turn you can put them to sleep again. Both Hypnosis and Air Slash are slightly inaccurate so holding the Wide Lens makes up for that. Bug Buzz is added just because it's a very strong Bug move to finish someone off.

And that's how you make one awesome Yanmega. Next Wednesday (not Friday.. I'll be on the road to Nashville for Regionals) I'll do another Spotlight. This time it will be on Dusknoir!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pokemon at Burger King

Just a little quick news feed, Burger King now has pokemon tcg toys in thier kid's meals like they did last year. Last year they were celebrating Diamond and Pearl and this year it's Platinum.

The toys include:
Giratina lenticular rocker
Shaymin lenticular rocker
Regigigas card holder
Pikachu card holder
Card Frame (Red)
Card Frame (Blue)

For those that don't know, a lenticular pictures are those that change when you hold them at a different angle. The Giratina swaps from Origin to Altered Forme and Shaymin swaps from Land to Sky forme. The rockers also hold cards in the back. Each toy also comes with two reverse holo cards stamped with the Platinum logo (even though the cards aren't from the Platinum set).

There are several rares in the set including Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, Leafeon, and Glaceon as well as the usual commons like Turtwig, Piplup, Pikachu, etc.

I went with my friend Aaron to Burger King out of chance today and they had them. He got Shaymin and I got Giratina. I got Piplup and Chimchar in the cards, but he lucked out and got Leafeon and Glaceon.. and Lauren went later and got a Piplup and Giratina. If you play cards and use any of these pokemon it'd be well worth your time to get them. The Leafeon and Glaceon are both originally from the Majestic Dawn set and the Giratina is from Legends Awakened.