Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gold and Silver Remake on the Horizon?

According to a Pokemon variety show that aired yesterday there is going to be a very important game announcement next week. Several clues in the past have hinted toward a possible remake, but now we may actually get some concrete evidence.

For more info on this check Serebii or Pokebeach. Both have new updates on it, with Pokebeach going into more detail. The links for both sites are in the links section.

As for what I've been doing in my game I decided late last night to try chaining my swarm in Platinum, Drowzee. I was successful in locating and capturing two shinies after amounting a 40+ Drowzee chain. I got one female and one male. I've chained before, but I haven't really had any success getting swarms to chain for some reason. I even got a Nosepass swarm to chain to 63, but didn't get a single shiny. Here's a list of the shiny pokemon I have been able to get from chains so far:


Of these I have been able to get enough of each to have a shiny of each evolutionary stage plus a couple extra to trade. The only exception would be Elekid, where I was only able to get 1 before my chain got broken by a random Pachirisu. After I get done with finals this week and get done raising the pokemon I plan on using in the Regionals I will post the steps to a successful chain so other people can chain to get shinies.