Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wow it's been a while...

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything. I just wanted to post something real quick, just to stay I'm still around. I've been really busy in November and the early part of this month with stuff coming to a close project-wise in college. I do have some pokemon stories to talk about including a little review of Pokemon Rumble for the Wii and a story about my experience at the Arceus event last month (I got a box full by the way).

Anyway, more on this later this weekend.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween is coming!

Readers! Halloween is only days away. If you have any pictures of Pokemon costumes or of Pokemon Jack O' Lanterns, or whatever, post them on the message board! Here's a Gengar one I made!

And here's Sableye Aaron made!

To see some other great pokemon Jack O' Lanturns (lol) check out this thread on! If you have cool pokemon pumpkins, post them on the message board.

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Trip to New York

So I just returned from New York this past Wednesday. I went to do work in the fossil collections at the American Museum of Natural History, but I got to do a great deal of sightseeing as well.

Of note, I got to visit Nintendo World and purchase several pokemon items. Nintendo is apparently pretty big in New York. The picture on the left was taken at the extremely large Toys 'R Us. As you can see, the display they have for the Nintendo section is pretty extreme.

Of course while I was there I went to other tourist areas like Chinatown, the Empire State Bulding, etc.

Speaking of Chinatown, if you ever find yourself in New York and if your interested in imported games there is a great store for imported games at the mall. The store itself is called J and L Games I believe. I know it starts with J. Anyway, they have a ton of games and a great deal of rare imported games. I bought a copy Heartgold while I was there and I've been playing since I've gotten back. I've enjoyed it so far. I've been moving slowly because I'm been experimenting a great deal with the PokeWalker. I downloaded the Yellow Forest course through Mystery Gift and I'm attempting to catch some of the rare Pikachu. Apparently the Yellow Forest is a course which contains ONLY Pikachu, and some actually can be caught knowing Surf, Fly, and Volt Tackle. So far I haven't gotten one myself, but I'm hoping to catch a good deal so that I can use some for trading. Gamewise, I've just beaten Bugsy and I'm heading into Ilex Forest. Just a heads up for anyone getting the english versions of the spring, Faulkner is a pain to beat unless you bring a good strong Rock or Electric type to take his pokemon out quickly. I don't want to give to much away spoiler-wise... but I will say this, one has a healing move.

I'm going to keep trucking away on Heartgold and if anything crazy pops up I'll talk about it. I really enjoy the mechanic of the first pokemon in your party following you. I sent over my lv. 20 Regigigas to level it up quickly and it's really cool having Regigigas following me around.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Galactic Battle Roads Fall 09

Sorry for the bit of hiatus there guys, there wasn't a whole lot going on in the DS tourny scene as spring/summer is usually when that kind of stuff goes on. Also, I have been really busy on some of my course work at college so I haven't a whole lot of time to just play the DS game and raise some pokemon. HOWEVER, I'm getting caught up so I will have a little time to play so I'm going to start posting pokemon of the week again. More than likely it's going to be on Saturdays, I don't really do much on Saturdays.

The only exception is next week, I'm going to New York City! Some of my research is making it pretty much a necessity for me to go to there so I'm going to stop by the Nintendo World store while I am there.

What some of you may or may not know, I also play the pokemon card game tourny scene as well. I'm not as good in cards as I am in the DS games, but I can put up a pretty good fight. This past weekend there was a Battle Roads tournament held in my old stomping grounds at Galactic Comics and Games. There are two locations for Galactic, one in my hometown of Statesboro, GA and one a small drive away in Pooler, GA. When I play the card game I am actually playing as one of the members of Team Galactic (which is the name of the League at the Galactic store) because I'm still a league leader. I travelled down with two other members of Team Knockout, Lauren and Aaron. If you have been following the blog, Lauren is a veteran member (and my fiance) so she almost always goes with me to pokemon events. Aaron is a new member of our team. Only Aaron and I were actually in the tournament. Lauren is DS exclusive.
The first day was held in Pooler, and the second was in Statesboro. Unfortunately, we had it backwards and showed up to the Statesboro Galactic only to have to book it to Pooler real quick. Despite that Aaron and I made it in time. As for our decks, I was playing what is referred to as a MightyTank deck and Aaron was playing a Rogue (or original) Glaceon deck. Although my deck was also something I made without the help of the internet, apparently someone had already thought of the idea so I can't claim it.

The concept behind Aaron's deck was pretty straight forward. Bascially he was running a combo between Glaceon and Espeon. The Glaceon (seen to the right) is really good in that for one energy it can do 30 damage PLUS have a change of being immune from attacks the following turn. The Espeon is from the same card set (Majestic Dawn) and it's Poke-Body increases the HP of all pokemon that evolve from Eevee by 20 HP. Along with these he had back up pokemon like Toxicroak to basically poison the opponents pokemon, then the following turn bring in Glaceon to potentially stall the pokemon out until poison did it in. This deck wasn't originally the one wanted to use, instead he had build a Yanmega deck which could spread damage around to all of the opponents pokemon in play, but he forgot that deck in Tennessee so he had to play with what he had. The deck didn't do that great compared to the multitude of level X pokemon that came up against him so he's basically decided to either totally revamp it or scrap it and do something different for the Citiy Championships being held this winter.

My deck had a little bit better showing, but granted I was actually using a deck I had built for tounament play. I'm sure if Aaron had been able to play the deck he wanted to he would have done well. My deck was based around the Mightyena seen to the left. It's Cold Feet Poke-Body allows it to basically attack without energies if it is suffering from a Special Condition like Poison. Since this would really only be good against Special Condition decks normally, it's pretty iffy. To fix this, I included Skuntank G which allows me to poison both my active pokemon and the opponents pokemon (so long as they aren't an SP pokemon) if I have a Stadium Card in play. With this Skuntank G, I am able to poison the Mightyena myself and use it's Desperate Attack no matter now many energies I have attached to it (I usually have none) and if I have less energies than my opponent I can hit them for 80 damage for free! At the Pooler tournament I won second place, and several packs. The Statesboro tournament didn't go as well. I went through the entire tournament not able to get a single Mightyena from my deck. After the tourny I played a round with one of my opponents and got 2 Mightyena out no problems. That's just how it goes sometimes.

All an all the trip was a great learning experience. Battle Roads tournaments are very lowly ranked, are more about practice than anything else and both I and Aaron got some good insight into what we need to do for future higher ranked tournaments like City, State, and/or Regionals.
The next tournament I plan to attend is the prerelease for the next set Platinum: Arceus. More details on that later!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pokemon Emerald Battle Brain Memories

So I was randomly surfing the web today when I happened across a picture. It's a picture from the Pokemon Emerald Battle Brain tournament a couple years back that shows all the competitors. I was quite surprised to find this, as it was a picture taken by a Nintendo rep- but never made it into Nintendo Power. In fact, from the article about the tournament myself and a couple other contestants are completely absent. Not even a picture.

Well, anyway, after finding it I decided I would post it on here. Enjoy.

In order from the left we have Travis, Stephen, Mike (Skarm from Smogon), Chris, myself... um.. another guy, Christa, Charles aka "Chalkie".. and I dunno the names of the guys in front...
Well, I'm sure there's a list somewhere. I spent most of the time during the tourney hanging with Earl and talking with Chris a bit since we where both from the Brave frontier (Southeast region) and afterward hanging out with Travis, Steven, and Mike so I didn't really meet the other guys as much. The guy in the bottom middle, however, was at the Nashville Regionals which was cool. I don't know if he got to compete or not. What would be great is if he somehow runs across this post and emails me his experience. That'd be awesome. I'm going to roam the internet to see if I can find any information, maybe a name list or something, so that the people who competed could potentially Google themselves and find this. It'd b interesting to catch up with them, see if they still play, etc.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pokemon League and Site Updates

Not a whole lot going on in pokemon news right now, just HS/SS stuff. Turns out we'll being seeing the Gold and Silver remakes sometime this upcoming Spring. No big surprise there. A lot of things have been confirmed to be returning from the original games like being able to go to the Kanto region and being able to fashion "new" pokeballs from Apricorns. Some new items have been announced, however, like a key item that is basically a planter in which you can plant your berries and carry it around with you. This will make berry growing a lot easier like the Berry Tracker App in Diamond and Pearl did.

In personal news I located a league near me so I can now post on my experiences there. I've been twice so far, once last Saturday and yesterday as well. Last week I focused more on TCG and this week on the DS games. As I would have suspected, I did much better on DS.. and I'm currently undefeated amongst my fellow league members. I recorded one video from yesterday that I will post later.

Speaking of battle videos, I will be moving them later today from the side bar to the message board as a pinned topic. This will allow me to post my videos, as well as allow other people to post any videos they are proud of as well.

On a side note, I chained up some more shinies... 3 Croagunk and 5 Banette.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Platinum/Pokemon Ranch Follow up

After a couple days of pestering Nintendo on thier forums one of the pokemon fans who was also upset there was no update was actually able to get in touch with someone with some insight. This is the email they received:

"Hello, While we appreciate your interest, there are no plans to offer an update to My Pokemon Ranch to make it compatible with newer Pokemon games, such as Pokemon Platinum. Additionally, there are no plans to offer the Japanese update in North America. I will, however, be certain to pass along your email on to the appropriate department for further review. For the latest Pokemon news and information, please keep an eye on the official Pokemon website (

Sincerely, Nintendo of America Inc."

So that's it for now... no update for Ranch and no reason to even buy Ranch if you have Platinum. I will keep following up on this with my detective work and attempt to get some reasoning why we weren't offered the same update that Japan has. I understand why we don't get as many pokemon events as Japan, seeing as it's easier to host events everyone can attend due to thier country being smaller and having a lot of public mass transportation (trains). The pokemon giveaways don't affect gameplay the way the incompatiblity with an entire game affects the usefulness of My Pokemon Ranch. I'd even be willing to buy the update for some Wii points if I would be able to deposit Platinum pokemon. Xbox 360 has game add-ons that can be purchased if the person wants them... I don't see why the same can't be done for the Wii.

Anyway, thanks to Nitendo tech forum member DUKE5567 for getting this information and posting it. To read the full message board post by SHADOWMIDNA, click here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Platinum Updates (or lack of) and Event

There haven't been a whole lot of Pokemon updates lately, til now.

First of all, I'm upset that the Platinum update hasn't been released for Pokemon Ranch yet so I called Nintendo for some insight. The guy I talked to didn't even know that Pokemon Ranch wasn't compatible with Platinum until he looked it up on his computer. So much for insight. He couldn't give me anything on when or if we'll ever see the update stateside.. but I am planning on trying again. In fact, I'm calling for anyone who reads this blog to go to thier tech support forums ( and complain. If enough people complain we might get something done.

As a spot of good news, Platinum owners will able to download the Member Card item via wifi starting this upcoming Monday (Aug 3rd) thru Sept 13th in the US. This item opens up the previously locked hotel in Canalave City. When you sleep in the bed there you will start having a nightmare about NewMoon Island where, in your dream, you go and get in a battle with Darkrai! Don't forget to get this event!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Team Knockout Interviews

One of the competitors in Nashville who goes by Breaktube on Youtube ( ) interviewed Lauren, Earl, and myself about out experiences in the tournament! If you get a chance check his page out. Here are our videos.




Everybody seems to hate the lottery system. I hadn't heard Lauren or Earl's interviews so I didn't know they made comments on my behalf since I hadn't got to participate in the tournament. Thanks guys! I appreciate it!

Jirachi Farming

Not much to report on, outside of some random HeartGold and SoulSilver updates... but nothing I didn't already expect... Red Gyarados is returning and some pictures of Ho-oh and Lugia's sprites have surfaced, etc. All this can be seen on Pokebeach.

Speaking of which, I've added a search bar on the right that allows you to search both Serebii and Pokebeach from this blog. If you wish to seach the blog itself, use the search bar in the upper left. The search bar on the right is supposed to be able to search this blog and the sites in my links lists.. but for reason it isn't searching the blog like it's supposed to.

Since I'm off today, I figured I'd do some Jirachi Farming. Just for future reference that's what I do to stock up on Jirachi for trading. It works like this:

1) I start a new Ruby file.
2) I play far enough in the game to get the Pokedex.
3) Upload a Jirachi from the Pokemon Colosseum bonus disc which was given to people who reserved Pokemon Colosseum.
4) Transfer the Jirachi to my copy of Pokemon Box.
5) Repeat

The whole process takes about 20 minutes, but by doing this I can get as many legit Jirachi as I can stand. (After around 6 I get bored.) I still need to post a Spotlight either later today or tomorrow. I wanted to post Lauren's Team Spotlight, but I have to wait for her to get off from work at Toys R Us so that I will know what items her pokemon were holding in the tournament.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in trading for one of my many Jirachi then you can reply to this message or better yet, send me an email with your offer.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Next movie to feature Ho-oh and Lugia?

According to Pokebeach, then next pokemon movie (after the Arceus one) will possibly feature Ho-oh and Lugia. As to what extend the two will play is unknown, but I'm not really that surprised as Ho-oh has yet to have a major role in any movies.

One question I have is will Entei, Raikou, and Suicune also play a part as they are a major part of Ho-oh's history. Only Entei and Suicune have been in movies so far, and of the two Entei was they only one to a have a really important role. Suicune, although in a movie (Pokemon 4ever) it only appeared late in the movie to help Ash fight and late save Celebi. Raikou has never been featured in a movie, only in a two part special. Another is does this mean that Ash & Co. will be returning to Johto or will this movie be taking place in Sinnoh? It would seem odd for a movie featuring the two major Johto legendaries to be anywhere be in Johto, but who knows. They will probably introduce yet another anime only town that somehow has some connection to the two. I'm rooting for Johto personally.

In other related news, a friend of mine mentioned to me the other day that he plans on buying a japanese version of HeartGold, and I'm considering getting SoulSilver. Once he (or we) get our versions I'll certainly post any new areas and information.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Team Spotlight: My Regional's Team

So like I promised last week, this week I want to spotlight the teams that Team Knockout used at Regionals... starting with my own of course.

My strategy was a relatively simple one, put as much damage on the opponent from field affects as possible, including things like Spikes, Stealth Rock, Hail, etc.

My team consisted of:
Item- Brightpower
Attacks- Hail, Protect, Spikes, Blizzard

Item- Leftovers
Attacks: Stealth Rock, Yawn, Zen Headbutt, Protect

Item- Life Orb
Attacks- Spark, Explosion, Thunder, Endure

Item- Muscle Band
Attacks- Rock Slide, Thunderpunch, Overheat, Close Combat

Item- Choice Band
Attacks- Ice Punch, Bullet Punch, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake

Roserade (shiny)
Item- Black Sludge
Attacks- Toxic Spikes, Magical Leaf, Aromatherapy, Shadow Ball

For the most part the strategy is simple, using Froslass and Uxie (and in some instances Roserade) to put Hail, Spikes, and Stealth Rock (or in the case of Roserade... Toxic Spikes) and then switch Uxie (since Froslass is now more evasive since Hail is going) for Electrode and explode. With the Life Orb Electrode can take out most sweepers, and with it's speed can out run almost anything that isn't Choice Scarfed (which increases thier speed by 1.5). Using this strategy the opponent potentially loses 2 of the 4 pokemon that they have on their team since the rules only allow 4 pokemon on a team at a time. Uxie also knows Protect should the Froslass have to be swapped it will be safe from the Explosion.

After this Metagross or Infernape can be used to swap in for the now fainted Electrode. Both have very strong moves for attacking two pokemon at once (Rock Slide and Earthquake) as does Froslass (Blizzard) this will usually make short work of the remaining two pokemon. The only thing is if Metagross is going to use Earthquake Froslass needs to Protect so as to not faint itself, and after that the Metagross will have to be switched if it needs to use a different move or if Earthquake is fine then Froslass needs to switch to Uxie because Uxie is immune to Earthquake.

Well, that's it for this spotlight, I think I'm going to work on my Giratina a bit. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Team Knockout at the Nashville Regionals

Today is the first time since last weekend I've been able to post on Team Knockout's trip to the regionals in Nashville. To make sure we arrived on the time, Lauren had us wake up early to be at the convention center bright and early at 6:30am. Originally a good idea, however due to the tournament being based on a lottery system our arrival time didn't really matter. Once we finally got into the tournament we got registered. We were given wristbands with the names and numbers of pokemon which would be drawn later to determine who would actually get to play in the tournament. Lauren was given Nidorina, Earl got Arcanine, and I was given... ugh... Shellder. As soon as I got the wristband I knew that was some kind of bad omen. Afterward we went around and took some pictures with the pokemon characters.

We wasted some time walking around the convention center where the tournament was being held and it was really nice. It had what bacially was an indoor grotto/forest. We took some more pictures of the scenery and then headed back to see who was going to participate in the tournament. Lauren was really nervous since it was her first big tournament and she was really worried that she wouldn't get in and be able to play. After a large group picture taken of all of the potential contestants and an odd dance party held among the pokemon mascots, we all stood with held breath infront of the monitors which held out fate. As we watched as both Nidorina (Lauren) and Arcanine (Earl) were shown, but Shellder... as I had feared... was absent.

So yes, sadly after all of my preparation and work helping Earl and Lauren get ready, I didn't even get to compete. Despite this tragic setback I was happy that Earl and Lauren made it in so I was supportive and didn't complain. I took pictures of Lauren and Earl competing in the tourny while also battling other people who were unfortunate like myself. The battles were hard fought and I have several videos that recorded that anyone with a Platinum can watch. Simply search by the battle number in the forth floor of the Global Terminal in Jubilife City. There are a couple training matches between Lauren, Earl, and myself; a team battle with Earl and I vs two trainers from Florida, and a battle between myself and one of the participants in the tournament.

-Lauren vs Matt: 48-51073-91313
-Matt vs Lauren (Rematch): 88-74443-31406
-Matt vs JIMMY: 13-19664-96724
-Earl and Matt vs Mateo and Estaban: 55-41110-08376

Both Lauren and Earl did well in the tournament and I am proud of them both. It was a lot of fun, but hopefully in the future Organized Play won't use the lotto system and allow for everyone to play, or at least make it first come serve. The final round of the tournament was a little anti-climatic as well. The winner of the tournament, Allen (the guy in the picture), had a team composed almost completely of legendarys, and even if they were the ones allowed in the rules, it was still kind of lame. To see the match the video number is 55-41110-08516.

Starting Monday I am going to post 3 Team Spotlights discussing the teams we raised for the tournament instead of Pokemon Spotlights. The videos will show you parts of the teams for a bit of a spoiler for the upcoming spotlights.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pokemon Spotlight: Yanmega

-By Matt G.

I finally have a pokemon spotlight for one of my favorite pokemon. (And no.. it won't be on my Regionals team.. sadly it's a lv 95 and Nintendo capped the tourny at lv 50s.)

Battlewise Yanmega is probably one of the best bug types in the game, which says a lot since most of them are pretty lame. It gets several great moves and an excellent ability, and one not so good ability. Also, getting one is pretty easy. After beating the Elite Four for the first time and obtaining the National Dex, it's unevolved form Yamna is wild in the Safari Zone in Pastoria and once it reaches Lv 33 it will try to learn AncientPower. If it does, the very next level it will evolve. If your Yanma is past lv 33 and doesn't have AncientPower you will have to go to the Move Tutor, also in Pastoria, to relearn it or it won't evolve.

When raising a Yanmega, Special Attack natures are the way to go. (ex: Modest- raises Sp. Atk and lowers Atk.) For ability the best is Speed Boost. This will allow for Yanmega to speed up every turn. The only other pokemon to get this ability is Ninjask, and Yanmega's other ability isn't that great. The other ability is Tinted Lens which powers up "not very effective" moves after you use them on the opponent once. This isn't helpful because it's not smart to use moves that aren't very effective as the opponent could take that turn to KO the Yanmega so the boost doesn't matter.

As for the moves the Yanmega should learn, it depends on your battle strategies. If you just like using really strong attacks then Bug Buzz, Air Slash, AncientPower, Giga Drain with Wise Glasses as the item held. The straight forward approach doesn't really require alot of explination. They are just strong attacks with Wise Glasses powering them up further. (AncientPower and Giga Drain also cover two of Yanmega's weaknesses: Flying and Rock.)

If you like being sneaky the best set to go with would be Hypnosis, Detect, Bug Buzz, and Air Slash with a Wide Lens attached. First use Detect, this will let Yanmega get one free Speed Boost without worrying about getting hit. Next follow up with Hypnosis. After your opponent is asleep you can use Air Slash which since you'rr going first could cause the opponent to flinch, so even if they wake up they still wouldn't be able to attack. Then the next turn you can put them to sleep again. Both Hypnosis and Air Slash are slightly inaccurate so holding the Wide Lens makes up for that. Bug Buzz is added just because it's a very strong Bug move to finish someone off.

And that's how you make one awesome Yanmega. Next Wednesday (not Friday.. I'll be on the road to Nashville for Regionals) I'll do another Spotlight. This time it will be on Dusknoir!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pokemon at Burger King

Just a little quick news feed, Burger King now has pokemon tcg toys in thier kid's meals like they did last year. Last year they were celebrating Diamond and Pearl and this year it's Platinum.

The toys include:
Giratina lenticular rocker
Shaymin lenticular rocker
Regigigas card holder
Pikachu card holder
Card Frame (Red)
Card Frame (Blue)

For those that don't know, a lenticular pictures are those that change when you hold them at a different angle. The Giratina swaps from Origin to Altered Forme and Shaymin swaps from Land to Sky forme. The rockers also hold cards in the back. Each toy also comes with two reverse holo cards stamped with the Platinum logo (even though the cards aren't from the Platinum set).

There are several rares in the set including Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, Leafeon, and Glaceon as well as the usual commons like Turtwig, Piplup, Pikachu, etc.

I went with my friend Aaron to Burger King out of chance today and they had them. He got Shaymin and I got Giratina. I got Piplup and Chimchar in the cards, but he lucked out and got Leafeon and Glaceon.. and Lauren went later and got a Piplup and Giratina. If you play cards and use any of these pokemon it'd be well worth your time to get them. The Leafeon and Glaceon are both originally from the Majestic Dawn set and the Giratina is from Legends Awakened.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Nothing new to post about pokemon... I have played some more practice rounds thru PBR WiFi, but since most of the teams are full of legendaries it's hard to figure out where I am going to stand in a tournament where those same legendaries are banned. I will say this though. I won roughly 87% of the time so that's pretty good. It shows that my team is tough if I can take on teams that have pokemon like Rayquaza, Giratina, Mewtwo, etc without me using legendaries myself.

On a side note, I got a summer job to help with my travel expenses for the Nashville tourny next month so I won't be posting a whole lot right now... but I will try to post at least every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with pokemon spotlights being posted on Mondays. I kinda got behind on them mainly because I was going to interviews and filling out applications for a while there. That and I was interested in another game I just recently got, Fable II. If any of you have an Xbox360 you can add me as a friend if you want. I know it's not pokemon related, but it's fun.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Updates on Regionals

So I've been training on PBR and it's tough because most of the people online use legendaries... but I win 9 out of 10 battles so I suppose that means my team is pretty good. I still need to make some attack changes.

If anyone wants to train against me shoot me an email.

Also, I spent a good bit of the weekend trying to organize my pokemon cards and it seems I have the first five card sets (Base Set, Jungle, Fossil, Base Set 2, and Gym Heros) semi complete. I only need 3 or 4 cards per set so I'm pretty excited about that.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Featured Pokémon: Smeargle

Smeargle is a pokemon introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver. It's tail drips paint which it uses to draw on any available surface. Battle-wise, it's a very frail pokemon. It usually can only handle one or two hits before it goes down. Despite this it can be very useful in game, in battles with friends, and even in contests thanks to it's signature -and only- move... Sketch.

Sketch is a unique move that permanently copy an opponent (or teammates) previously used move. Afterwards, Sketch is forgotten... but Smeagle relearns it every 10 levels or it can be relearned from the move tutor. This gives Smeargle a limitless moveset. Several strategies can be utilized for battle and I will highlight some of the more common uses for Smeargle as well as a moveset of my own design.

First off is the Baton Pass Smeargle. There are several variations of this set. One includes Baton Pass, Spore, Substitute, and Ingrain. The basic idea is to put the opponent to sleep with Spore and then proceed with setting Substitute and Ingrain then Baton Passing the Substitute. This set, however, has trouble against most pokemon that can land a good first hit. Smeargle will rarely be able to withstand such a hit from moves like Earthquake. Ingrain is simply to keep pokemon from using Whirlwind or Roar, and some trainers prefer to replace it with Belly Drum so that the Smeargle can actually Pass a stat boost. This is risky as well as Belly Drum halves the HP of an already weak pokemon. Baton Passing Smeargles are rarer than the straight-forward OHKO Smeargles as they require a lot of prediction of your opponents moves to not get KO'd... or a Focus Sash to at least survive one hit without being KO'd.

OHKO (One hit KO) Smeargles, however, require little thought. They rely on attacks like Mind Reader and Sheer Cold. By using Mind Reader it makes the next move never miss... and when followed by Sheer Cold the opponent will KO no matter how strong they are, with only two exceptions. OHKO moves won't hit pokemon of a higher level or those with the ability Sturdy. Spore (or Dark Void in 2v2 battles) are used in this set as well as they can put the opponent(s) asleep and allow for the Smeargle to use Mind Reader/Sheer Cold without the worry of taking damage. For item choice, Focus Sash helps alot here too.

My personal favorite set makes use of the Focus Sash item the best, however. The two main attacks I use are Endevour/Vaccum Wave. Adapted from the Endevour/Quick Attack movesets used for making competative Rattatas. Smeagle aren't very fast, so I know for the most part that Smeargle will go second. I begin by using Endevour, which makes my opponents HP equal to mine. If my plan works (and it usually does) my opponent will hit hard and my Smeargle will survive with 1 HP because of Focus Sash.. and when Smeargle uses Endevour the opponent will be dropped to 1 HP. Next I follow up with Vacuum Wave, which always go first and will KO my opponent. I choose Vacuum Wave because it is the only first hit move that isn't weakened by Intimidate because it is special instead of physical. This helps should I end up having to face a pokemon that Baton Passes or something since they won't be attacking the Smeargle so Endevour won't work. The only downside is this combo doesn't touch Ghosts because Vacuum Wave is Fighting Type and Endevour is Normal Type... however I anticipated this and gave my Smeargle two other moves to help: Trick Room/Destiny Bond.

Should Smeargle find itself facing a Ghost, rather than starting with Endevour I would start with Trick Room. The Ghost would hit me first, and the Focus Sash would save Smeargle with 1 HP. After that Trick Room would come into effect letting Smeagle go first next turn. The next attack would be Destiny Bond, which would go before the Ghost KO's Smeargle... and once it does it gets KO'd too. This works great, and it helps if you have another slow pokemon like Magnezone or Dusknoir on your team as Trick Room would allow them to go first too after the Smeargle has been KO'd. Also, the lower level the Smeargle, the slower it is. The slower it is, the better this moveset is! So with this strategy a Lv 5 Smeargle can take out a lv 100. Just watch out for status like Burn or Poison as well as weather like Sandstorm and Hail. These will stop your Focus Sash from working.

Ingame Smeargle can be useful as it can learn ALL HM moves and can be used to catch other pokemon by knowing Spore to put them to sleep and False Swipe which will can be used to weaken a pokemon, but never knock them out because it stops working once they hit 1 HP.

So I'm sure your asking how to get your Smeargle to know these moves? It's hard to copy moves like Sheer Cold without getting KO'd yourself. Well, the best way is to copy your own pokemon! To do this, just get into a double battle and have Smeargle paired with a pokemon knowing the move you want. Then when the pokemon uses the moves have Smeargle use Sketch on your pokemon to copy it. The best place for this in Diamond/Pearl/and Platinum is at the Hotel Restaurant near Valor Lakefront. Everyday there are double battles held there.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Training some more...

So Gold and Silver are now confirmed to be re-released as HeartGold and SoulSilver. I'm not very excited about the name for Gold, since I'm getting Gold and my fiance Lauren (Gamerfox5) is getting Silver. Oh well... at least they're remaking it.

In training news I have my team for Nashville's regionals almost complete, and once I do I am going to start testing it out on wifi in Pokemon Battle Revolution. On the day of the regionals I will actually post my team and how I made it on here... but I don't want to post it yet since people could potentially read this and know what I'm using.

What I am going to do, however, is start posting once a week about one pokemon in particular and highlighting how I like to use them im battles. That way people can make comments and discuss pokemon moves and teams on the blog and message board.

I'll post my first entry, Smeargle, tomorrow.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gold and Silver Remake on the Horizon?

According to a Pokemon variety show that aired yesterday there is going to be a very important game announcement next week. Several clues in the past have hinted toward a possible remake, but now we may actually get some concrete evidence.

For more info on this check Serebii or Pokebeach. Both have new updates on it, with Pokebeach going into more detail. The links for both sites are in the links section.

As for what I've been doing in my game I decided late last night to try chaining my swarm in Platinum, Drowzee. I was successful in locating and capturing two shinies after amounting a 40+ Drowzee chain. I got one female and one male. I've chained before, but I haven't really had any success getting swarms to chain for some reason. I even got a Nosepass swarm to chain to 63, but didn't get a single shiny. Here's a list of the shiny pokemon I have been able to get from chains so far:


Of these I have been able to get enough of each to have a shiny of each evolutionary stage plus a couple extra to trade. The only exception would be Elekid, where I was only able to get 1 before my chain got broken by a random Pachirisu. After I get done with finals this week and get done raising the pokemon I plan on using in the Regionals I will post the steps to a successful chain so other people can chain to get shinies.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ranch Photo of the Week

I'm going to start posting Ranch photos each week so if you have a funny pic or rare pokémon in your Ranch then send it along with a caption. It may get posted. Just thought that'd be fun to do.

On a side note, I haven't got a whole lot of training done on Platinum because this week and next week are hectic because finals are next week. I may take a break from studying tonight and take on a couple Battle Frontier facilities. I've already gotten Silver Prints for all of the facilities except the Battle Factory. I don't really enjoy that one as much because of having to use rentals. If I have any particularly good battles I'll send them online using the Vs. Recorder and them post the Battle Number on here some people can search for my video's if they are interested.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BattleFront and Facebook

If your interested in joining The BattleFront and have a Facebook account we have a group. It's called Pokemon BattleFront.

There is also a message board in the Links section on this page. It still says it's the MotA Board as the title, but that is soon to change.

Even if your not a competitve battler, it's still a fun group and a good way to find trade partners as a few of us collect spare event pokemon for trades when we visit events.

Goodbye MotA, Hello PKMN BattleFront

For those of you who don't know, Geocities is getting ready to cloase up later this year. I used to run all of my various pokemon antics on that site, but with it going belly up soon it's pointless to even update it anymore so I decided to move from a website to a blog.

Making a pokemon site with various bits of information for player is kind of pointless now that sites like and Pokebeach already do an excellent job of displaying the information and make it easy for players young and old.

That being said, I'd hate to lose the work that went into the old site. More than likely I'm going to salvage the really good stuff and move it to another site before Geocities goes under. The site itself never really grabbed alot of people just due to the fact it didn't offer a great deal more than other sites out there. I can't think of any big pokemon blogs in existence so I'm going to try this route.

For those of you who don't know what site I'm referring to, that's fine. Don't worry about it, I'll introduce myself.


My name is Matt Gibson, and I have been an avid pokemon fan since the original games were released. I'm 24 years (and I'm aware that is FAR older than what many people expect when they think about pokemon fans) and have been competing in pokemon tcg and video game tournaments for quite some time. I attend East Tennessee State University, and I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Paleontology (I'm thinking of making a seperate blog for this topic at some point). Some of you may remember the Pokemon Emerald Ultimate Frontier Battle Brain Tourney that was held a couple of years back (If you don't you can go here to read up on it). I was one of the competitors that went to the finals in Seattle. After that I entered into a couple tournies here and there including some small ones that Gamestop held, etc.

-Me vs finalist Chris Darling

Afterwards I had a fun idea, wouldn't it be cool if I could organize a team of people that would travel to these tournaments and compete. Over the past couple of years I've worked on it, and it's been really slow going since Nintendo hasn't really offered that many tournies recently.

Well, that's all changed now that Nintendo is now holding yearly tournaments with some happening this summer. Well, that's where this blog comes in. Me and several of other BattleFront members: Lauren (My fiance), Earl (My best friend- seen in the pic to the right), Cody (Another good friend), and some others are going to compete in the Nashville regionals this year and I'm going to publish pictures and the like while we compete. I'm also hoping that people who read this blog and are planning to compete in other Regionals will join our team. The more people the have the more of a phenom we can become.

For more information about regionals this year check